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Underwater Drone helpings Ghana's Maritime Security Efforts

Cody Warner   |   July 31, 2015

Ghana's maritime security unit, Watchwood Resources Ltd., has been leading the charge in cracking down on piracy. They have increased investment into policing the waters for piracy, illegal fishing, drug and human trafficking (Maritime Executive 2015). These efforts will not only limit illegal activity, it will enable trust and security in the economies of not just Ghana, but all of Northwest Africa.

Ghana is the maritime gateway border to Nigeria, arguably Northern Africa's most prosperous nation. Nigeria acts as the shipping hub for many landlocked African countries like Niger and Chad. Nigeria also has a strong oil and gas market, making it the logical landing spot for foreign investment. Once one nation assumes a position of economic strength, it only strengthens those that surround it. Ghana has been experiencing this "by association" growth and has been developing its own oil and gas resources.

Foreign investment is still slower in these regions then it should be based on the resources and population available. This is due to a lack of trust in the security of their investments, due to the high crime rates and risk of piracy. The degree to which piracy exists cannot even be disclosed because many of the attacks have not been documented (Maritime Executive 2015).

The importance of Maritime Security in Nigeria, Ghana and other surrounding nations is not just for the safety of the shipping companies or the trade that occurs on them, it is crucial for economic prosperity and the development of their country. There must be a significant amount of attention placed on the security of these nations' maritime borders.

The issue is the trust they have in international security companies and their limited economic resources to invest in security measures. A solution that is usable by their citizens and within their budget is what is best for their long term success.

That's where Deep Trekker steps in. The ability for Deep Trekker to provide submersible security that is easy to use and affordable is the perfect match for Nigeria and Ghana's maritime defense efforts.

What other solutions would you suggest for an up and coming nation with the problems we described? Let us know in the comment section below!

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