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The Buzzwords of Maritime Security

Cody Warner   |   August 20, 2015

As another great event concludes for Deep Trekker, we look back at what we learned from Maritime Security West 2015. Each event Deep Trekker attends is not just an opportunity to show off ROVs, it is an opportunity to learn from others and continually improve our offering. Our main goal from the beginning was to listen first and try to solve the problems we hear, that is how every single one of our attachments has been developed, to solve one customer's problem. Most underwater problems are not unique to a single situation or individual.

What we have learned from Maritime Security is that ports do not receive the same attention as other transportation networks like air travel. This is due to a misconception that the risks are higher with a plane, which may be true in the sense that an airplane can target just about any position, but the overall effects of an attack on a major port would have larger consequences in the grand scheme.

Shipping is responsible for 90 percent of the world's cargo, making an attack have adverse effects on the economy. 44 percent of the world lives within 150 kilometers of a coast. This means that Ports would be an attractive target for terrorist activities and there should be more attention paid for the long term safety of our people.

Filling The Gap
"Filling the Gap", "LNGs" and "Developing Communication Systems" were the main concerns of the show. Filling the Gap refers to the gap on our coasts. With such a large space to fill and the improving technologies and techniques of criminal enterprises, there is just not enough coastal protection to protect us from incoming contraband, illegal aliens and weapons of mass destruction. It is important that systems are in place to co-ordinate the efforts of all of the law enforcement agencies to make sure that the most possible area is covered. The threat of a nuclear weapon crossing the Mexican borders with cooperation between terrorist groups and cartels is very real. The only way to defend this threat is to be prepared and vigilant for any possible entry point, as a nuclear bomb is only the size of a coffee can.

Many are concerned about the development of Liquefied Natural Gas powered vessels (often referred to as LNGs). Traditionally, ships have been powered with heavy oil or diesel, which is much less efficient and causes far greater damage to the environment with its emissions. However, natural gas is far more potent as an explosive. The Port of Boston shuts down and enters a high security alert when a LNG enters their port due to the perceived risk of massive explosion due to the high pressure and volume of gas involved in a vessel. The potential is there for a large explosion, however the technology being utilized is sophisticated and would require major malfunction to be a threat. It is not simply a sniper bullet to the right spot to cause a city to engulf in flames. These ships are innovative technology that is a great push for environmental safety.

Communications was the hot button issue at Maritime Security West, as it was considered the cause of the coastal defense weakness. The information about threats and people involved in these threats was not readily available or easily accessible. This was a complaint among many of the organizations, who lack the trust in their fellow organizations due to not having regular relations with them. Events like Maritime Security are a great way for task forces to meet and build a rapport so they can rely on each other in a time of crisis.

As we look to the future and look to protect our nations, we have to be prepared and develop technology to best support the forces that serve and protect us. Deep Trekker aims to provide the best submerged defense equipment and believes that thorough inspections, on deck and below the surface of every boat entering each port is how we keep our citizens safe. Learn more about Deep Trekker's uses in the Shipping industry or contact us today!

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