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Miami Water Utility Challenges - Water Expo 2018

Sam Macdonald   |   August 27, 2018

Deep Trekker is presenting at the Water Expo 2018 to discuss the Miami water utility challenges and how portable remotely operated vehicles and pipe crawlers are used to tackle the issue. Leer en español >

Miami Water Utility

Miami, a city founded on submerged infrastructure. From its green canals to its massive international port, the city’s economy is supported by a vast water system that connects ocean to land. Like many coastal cities, climate change and rising sea levels have placed these structures at risk.

Nearly 100 years ago, severe weather and the rising sea levels were not conditions considered when Miami’s water systems were built. Subsequent flooding of canals and sewers are a significant health hazard, and the need to monitor for leaks, pipe breaks, and seepage is imperative.

Identifying these issues before they happen and responding quickly to an emergency can greatly reduce the downtime and even the cost associated with these situations. Conducting ongoing and routine inspections of the infrastructure is done as a preventative measure; however, traditional methods of inspection including digging or diving are, in many cases, no longer viable options for both safety and cost reasons.

For these reasons, cities, municipalities, and contractors are turning to portable inspection systems.

Tackling Water Utility Challenges with Portable Inspection Systems

Deep Trekker is familiar with all of these issues and has designed an easy to deploy, cost-effective inspection system that allows for routine inspection, monitoring, and preemptive planning. On August 29th and 30th, Deep Trekker will be attending the Water Expo in Miami to discuss solutions to the Miami water utility challenges and subsurface asset management using its line of fully submersible remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and crawlers.

Deep-trekker-Pipe inspections

Presenting 'Tackling Water Utility Challenges Using Completely Portable Inspection Systems’ in Session #1 of the Education Program at the Water Expo, Deep Trekker’s Tristan Walker will be speaking directly to the importance of regular monitoring and inspection of infrastructure.

Outdoor Demonstration

In addition, outdoor demonstrations of Deep Trekker’s pipe crawler and utility crawler are taking place during the Expo, giving attendees a first-hand look at Deep Trekker’s portability, ruggedness, and affordable pricing.

pipe inspections_Storm_Pipe

“Being able to schedule maintenance and problem solve aging infrastructure in a safe and cost-effective manner is an issue. It is critical for a city to be able to sustain water systems, sewage systems, and transportation systems for its population in the years to come,” says Deep Trekker President, Sam Macdonald. “With our fully submersible, rugged robots we have the opportunity to assist in strategic action and contribute solutions to combat Miami’s water challenges.”

Deep Trekker will be exhibiting at the Water Expo at the Miami Airport Convention Center on August 29th and 30th. Please visit Booth #324, join an education session or visit the outdoor demonstration space.

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