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Military ROV | Supporting Explosive Ordnance Disposal Teams

Shannon Regan   |   January 14, 2019

The threat of mine warfare is now more prominent than ever, and with 95% of the world’s commerce moving by sea, the security of our waters, coastlines and populations remains a key issue for maritime nations. Deep Trekker's Military ROV is being used to support EOD teams.

military rov

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams have traditionally used specialist divers to survey and clear potential underwater minefields. Missions were conducted by a series of assets from which data was gathered, manually assessed and pieced together before any further action could be taken. This resulted in time consuming processing putting front-line operators at risk.

There has been a shift in recent times towards using unmanned assets such as remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for such purposes. Navies are investing heavily in ROVs to conduct Mine Countermeasure (MCM) missions in support of their EOD teams in challenging conditions. To date, these vehicles have been primarily used to detect, classify, identify and localize mines.

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Military ROV and Attachments


DTG2-worker Package



military underwater drone deep trekker


Eyes Below the Surface

When diving into dangerous areas, it’s essential to have a clear image of what is happening below the surface. Appropriate camera and lighting provide clarity to the military ROV.

Internal 4K Camera

Auxiliary Lighting

External Flood Lights

Sonar Capabilities and Integration

In situations where visibility is too low for an underwater camera and light, Deep Trekker's military ROV integrates with underwater sonar systems. Providing a distinct image for target identification or obstacle avoidance.
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Hull and Ship Inspections

Conduct quick inspections of vessel hulls when in port or out at sea to monitor ship integrity. Military personnel are able to carry out a prompt security perimeter check without putting divers in the water.
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Thickness Gauge

Crawler Wheels

Safety for Divers

If sending divers below the water is your only option, ensuring their safety is the utmost importance. The military ROV is capable of monitoring the divers from the surface, or divers can operate them from below.
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Contact our industry specialist for more on Deep Trekker's Military ROV >

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