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A Moving Experience - The New Head Office

Sam Macdonald   |   December 9, 2016

Deep Trekker is relocating their Head Office to a larger manufacturing facility to accommodate the increasing demand for their underwater ROVs & Pipe Crawlers.

Every day, our customers are coming up with new and exciting ways to use our underwater robots. So much so, that we’ve even designed new features to make our robots smarter, new product lines to inspect inside pipelines and new ROVs to work deeper in the ocean.

Sometimes, I think back to what it was like six years ago when we playfully dreamt about making an underwater drone to retrieve our lost flashlight... little did we know we would design one of the most widely used mini ROVs for aquaculture inspection and so many other industries.



Expanding the Team

As our products and customer base grew, so did our team, and we continue to bring on new enthusiastic faces to our manufacturing, engineering, sales, and marketing crew. With all of this growth, we were busting at the seams in our 3,000 square foot manufacturing facility. If you were able to visit our shop, you would have agreed that our team was working shoulder to shoulder!

It is with great pleasure that I announce we have officially moved our team to a new building in the Huron Business Park of Kitchener-Waterloo. Today marks a new chapter for us here at Deep Trekker in an 8,000 square foot building, and no plans of slowing down. I anticipate we will be expanding again in two years time.


The decision to stay within Waterloo region made perfect sense, the region is rich with diverse talent from well-known prestigious colleges and universities, as well as tech companies. With this new office, we have the opportunity to further expand our team and engineering capabilities; also, increasing our ability to service current and future projects.
Albeit, I am immensely proud of my team, we would not be here today without the support of thousands of our friends and partners around the world. We are eternally thankful to everyone who has been a part of our journey. From inspecting the insides of potable water depots to canvassing the ocean floor for sunken treasures or from inspecting the health of your fish farm to responding quickly to a search & rescue call; and to those who are just curious about what's under water - thank you.

2017 is around the corner and we are preparing to launch new innovations to the product lines that you have grown to love and trust for your projects. As we move forward, we will continue to innovate and expand within the global ROV and crawler industries.

As always, we will build completely portable, commercial-grade and easy to use robotic systems. I cannot wait to see what new ways our customers use Deep Trekker products to improve safety, reduce costs and save time in the future.

If you don’t know the Deep Trekker story yet, get to know us. Watch the video below or contact us today.


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