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Optimize Operations with Mission Planning

Rachel Doornekamp   |   June 30, 2021

Deep Trekker is proud to launch our new mission planning feature! The first iteration of our mission planning update gives ROV users the ability to plot and save waypoints on their handheld controller.

If you have a REVOLUTION or PIVOT ROV with USBL you can upgrade your software to start planning your missions.

Mission planning is an incredibly important feature for ROV pilots. In addition to being a crucial step towards autonomy, mission planning makes vehicle navigation convenient and straightforward.

Mission planning screenshot

Deep Trekker’s mission planning software provides users with a useful tool to enhance their navigation and operation. In addition to plotting waypoints on the handheld controller map, users can see the path between points.

Furthermore, the use of mission planning allows pilots to visualize the size of their inspection site. With the entire mission mapped out on their screen, users can ensure thorough inspections with an accurate planning tool.

Finally, operators can clearly understand the position of their ROV within the inspection site by utilizing their on-screen waypoint map. Clear and precise graphics illustrate the ROV throughout the site, enhancing the pilot’s ability to navigate in a straightforward manner.

Mission Planning map

Consisting of latitudinal and longitudinal points, waypoints provide pilots with crucial mission planning information.

Modified with the joystick cursor control, users can conveniently interact with their waypoints in a variety of ways right from their handheld controller;

  • Waypoint naming
  • Waypoint editing
  • Waypoint deleting

The ease in which operators can interact with their waypoints allows for quick organization and straightforward use.

In addition to the information provided on the handheld controller during use, pilots can then save their missions to view at a later date, making analysis and review convenient. In review users can conduct several useful tasks;

  • View map (small view and expanded view)
  • View mission path
  • Open and modify existing csv files

Deep Trekker’s first mission planning release is a significant component of future fully autonomous missions.

As always, Deep Trekker’s team of experts is here to answer any questions you may have. When you’re ready for a vehicle of your own, reach out for your customized quote .