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BRIDGE Firmware Upgrade Procedure


This document outlines the procedure for upgrading the firmware on BRIDGE products. Currently this includes the DTG3 and Revolution products and their associated controllers. Deep Trekker frequently releases firmware updates with new features, improved usability and bug fixes. It is advised to check occasionally for updates that may be available, this guide will outline that procedure.

What you will need:

  1. Controller and ROV
  2. Controller charger
  3. Access to a wired internet connection (typically a network router)
  4. Ethernet cable

Firmware upgrade procedure:

  1. Power up the controller while connected to an ROV
  2. Plug in the controller charger
  3. Connect the controller to the internet using the Ethernet port (Connect to a router, etc.)
  4. Check the firmware version of the controller: Settings -> Controller Settings -> Firmware Version
  5. If the controller version is 3.0 or greater skip to the next step, otherwise follow these steps:
    • Enter the Factory Menu (press fn+LED1+LED2)
    • Select "Firmware Upgrade"
    • Select "Check Status", if you are connected to the internet this should now display "Internet Connected" on the right side of the screen
    • Select "Download Firmware", this will take many minutes to download the updates
    • Select "Flash Firmware"
    • Reboot the controller
    • At this point the controller will be upgraded to a newer version and the
      instructions below can be followed
  6. Enter the Factory Menu (press fn+LED1+LED2)
  7. Select "Firmware Upgrade"
  8. Select "Check for Updates", a popup will appear saying if any updates are available
  9. The right side of the screen will show the current and any new versions that are available
  10. If there are updates available a button "Install Updates" will show, select this
  11. You're controller and ROV will now be upgraded to the latest available versions