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Overview Video: The DT340 Portable Pipe Crawler

Kiara Vallier   |   January 25, 2016

Just last week we announced the release of our DT340 Portable Piper Crawler to the world. Meant for municipal pipe inspections, our DT340 crawler comes in two packages: the DT340L (light) and DT340S (Standard).

The DT340L includes everything you need to get started with pipe inspections. Sporting a static camera and various wheel size and track options, it is the perfect option for those who are looking to perform simple pipe inspection jobs.

The DT340S is our pipe crawler package meant for professional inspection services. It sports a pan, tilt and zoom camera with the same wheel and track options that are offered with our simpler model.

We've put together this brief product overview video, be sure to watch to see just how much easier your inspections could be:

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