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Underwater Technology in Offshore Oil and Gas

Shannon Regan   |   July 23, 2019

The offshore industry is constantly looking to new technological innovations, and demand for robots in oil and gas is growing as the technology becomes more refined.

We explore various applications of robotics in the offshore oil and gas industry:

The offshore oil and gas industry has changed significantly in recent years, and companies are innovating to meet challenges such as emissions targets and an increasingly digital economic landscape.

Oil and gas companies have started using artificial intelligence (AI) alongside existing digital infrastructures to increase efficiency and productivity of exploration operations. In addition to the technologies like AI and digital infrastructures upgrades, oil and gas companies have also invested in underwater technology to enhance physical infrastructures: remotely operated vehicles.

Deep Trekker underwater ROVs have the capability to reach previously inaccessible areas and open them up for exploration, as well as efficiently perform maintenance roles.



The Deep Trekker REVOLUTION was designed to perform various observation and light work tasks. It is equipped with a patented rotating head allowing the 4K camera, dual-function manipulator and optional imaging sonar to rotate over 260 degrees without complicated sensors or software. Designed to detect and locate objects hidden beneath the water, assist divers and safely conduct underwater inspections in harsh environments, Deep Trekker ROVs are the ideal tool to assist in offshore oil and gas.



Reaching depths of 200 meters, the DTG3 is designed to last longer with hybrid power boasting up to 8 hours. An enhanced viewing and recording experience provide smarter inspections with its live, 4K video and waterproof handheld controller. Coupled with the driving force of BRIDGE, the DTG3 provides advanced stability even in rough underwater environments.

A Rising Demand for ROVs

ROVs in offshore oil and gas has been ever-growing and the figures speak in favor of it. A report released by Mordor Intelligence portrays the ROV market as a rapidly growing sector of the global offshore oil & gas market. The report predicts a rising demand for ROVs and related services between 2018 and 2024, citing the increase in production from offshore reserves and a surge in decommissioning old fixed production facilities as the main reasons.

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