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Underwater ROV Services with Completewaters

Shannon Regan   |   April 1, 2019

Completewaters offers portable & versatile underwater ROV services in Southern Ontario. With a background working in water, wastewater, environmental monitoring and commercial swimming pool operations, the company understands the need to protect such a precious resource.

Completewaters offers the services of underwater imagery, sediment and water sampling and object retrieval by using the Deep Trekker DTG3 remotely operated vehicle.

These services allow clients of Completewaters' to survey underwater environments and monitor in-depth, safe options for collecting data in waterways. The DTG3 grabber arm allows for object retrieval quickly and easily, without need for human intervention.

Why Deep Trekker?

The mission Completewaters sets out to complete is to provide portable, safe and affordable underwater services for a variety of industries and applications.

"We see no end to the possibilities [Deep Trekker] ROV services can be applied to," says Blake Spittle, Owner & Operator, Completewaters

When Completewaters first set out to find a ROV company to complete said services, its primary considerations were a high resolution camera, portability and ease of use.

"Deep Trekker ticked off all of our boxes," says Blake Spittle, Owner & Operator, Completewaters. "The internal batteries are such a great piece of technology. To turn up onsite, pull the DTG2 out of the box and be live underwater in minutes creates a very efficient workflow."

As a startup business, Completewaters continues to launch services across various industries - civil and environmental engineering, municipal infrastructure, marine infrastructure and search & recovery - and looks to educate operators on how to operate and apply these services to their eveyr day work.

"A local ROV provider that is as efficient as you are - there is no reason to look anywhere else."

deep-trekker-rov-dtg2-dam-inspection completewaters

To contact Completewaters, visit their webpage.

If you have further questions about Deep Trekker remotely operated vehicles, contact one of our industry specialists.

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