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ROV Tank Inspection Package

Cody Warner   |   September 11, 2018

Start saving time and money on your next inspection with the Deep Trekker DTG3. At Deep Trekker we make getting eyes underwater safe and easy with our easy to operate and portable submersible remotely operated vehicles (ROV).

Versatile and durable, the DTG3 is the most commonly chosen vehicle for potable water tank inspections. Cities and contractors love the one case “grab and go” format with no setup of phones, tablets or computers required – throw it in the water and get the job done.

Tank Inspection

We rely heavily on potable water tanks across a wide range of industries, including oil and gas and onshore energy. Providing water for industrial applications and for the use of clean drinking water is a vital component of life, however, managing this can be a dangerous and costly task. A common way to perform inspections is to drain the tank and hire commercial divers to perform close-up inspections, although this often presents hazards due to confined space. Tanks are then cleaned or treated if necessary, and refilled. This method can take the tank offline for up to three days, or longer if further treatment is required.

Tank inspection is imperative for structurally sound, clean and safe water tanks. Without inspections, issues can arise quickly and sludge can build, compromising the integrity and cleanliness of the tank. When water tanks are not inspected or maintained within the time frame recommended, the tank begins to harbour a number of contaminants, including chemical, microbial and excessive debris or sediment. This poses a major risk to human health and to the integrity of the tank.

ROVs and Tank Inspection

ROVs have the potential to improve the traditional approaches taken to water tank inspections. Deep Trekker ROVs provide the following benefits:

  • Using a ROV removes the risks associated with confined space entry, which often requires permits, planning and paperwork
  • An operator is able to perform water tank inspections with a ROV without having to discharge or refill the tank
  • Video footage and imagery can be kept following an inspection to identify the issue immediately and to inform better planning in the future
  • ROV footage offers detailed, close-up views necessary to inspect a tank’s internal condition
  • Deep Trekker offers custom add-ons and enhanced features such as grabber arms that can capture samples from the inside of a tank

Deep Trekker provides cutting edge remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to change the tank inspection game. Portable and battery powered, Deep Trekker vehicles are proving themselves to be valuable tools for safe, accurate and convenient tank inspections.

You can learn our tips and tricks for water tank inspection in ROV Hacks for Tank Inspection, or read about real world water tank inspections in 5 Ways Remote Operating Vehicles Are Changing Water Tank Inspections

Inspection Packages

DTG3 is a mini observation-class underwater ROV built to provide operators the ability to quickly deploy and visually inspect within underwater environments. Intelligence and advanced capabilities make this portable, commercial-grade remotely operated vehicle the best in its class.

Quick Facts

  • Depth rating to 200 meters (656 feet)
  • Battery life up to 8 hours
  • 4 k camera quality
  • Low maintenance
  • Works well in low light
  • Built to last
  • Extreme maneuverability

Deep Trekker ROVs are constructed with cast aluminum, anodized and epoxy coated for corrosion resistance. Its unique spherical design has inherent strength and combined with proprietary, no-maintenance thrusters. Deep Trekker’s clean-sheet design and expert innovation ensures the system will last for years. If you require upgrades or new capabilities, you can enhance your system with industry-specific add-ons and attachments.

With expert engineering and the help of gravity, the ROV’s outer shell and thrusters can rotate 180 degrees to perform lateral movement, while gravity holds down the internal semi-circle weighted frame. This allows the ROV to drive up, down, side to side, forward and backwards.

The 4K internal camera is easy to use, with live zero latency viewing on the handheld controller and a 270 degree rotating field of view. Switch to photo mode to snap photos up to 8 megapixels.

DTG3 Starter

The DTG3 Starter is everything you need to get underwater. Able to be customized or added onto as time goes on, the DTG3 Starter comes with a 50m (164ft) tether to get you diving quickly and safely.

True to name, the DTG3 Starter is the perfect way to get started with an ROV.

DTG3 Smart

The DTG3 Smart has added intelligent sensors to provide advanced stability and station holding in stronger currents making the DTG3 Smart the ideal underwater tool for inspections and exploration.

Complete with a wheeled Pelican case and 75m (246ft) tether with reel, as always the DTG3 Smart is a customizable and versatile package.

DTG3 Expert

The DTG3 Expert is perfect for the everyday underwater professional. Comprehensive features provide an advanced and capable ROV with the durability and convenience Deep Trekker users expect.

In the box you’ll find a 100m (328 ft) tether with reel, wheeled Pelican case, 2 function grabber arm and laser scaler making you truly prepared to tackle your underwater tasks. Intelligent sensor package complete with depth and heading ensures that you can take on whatever the day throws at you.

DTG3 Navigator

An added precision thruster and advanced USBL positioning system make the Navigator Package an extremely advanced and maneuverable ROV with the same portability and durability Deep Trekker pilots are accustomed to.

The DTG3 Navigator comes complete with 200m(656 ft) of tether on a reel, wheeled Pelican case, grabber arm, laser scaler, precision thruster and USBL system.

The precision thruster at the rear of the vehicle enables users to move up and down without utilizing the pitch function. With the precision thruster engaged pilots can make depth changes without any rotation of the ROV, making it ideal for the trickiest of observation and inspection needs.

The ultra short baseline (USBL) system uses triangulation to indicate the position of the ROV. Wifi enabled maps allow you to see where both the controller and the ROV are located on a detailed map.

Ready to try out the DTG3 for yourself? Get your customized quote! Need some more information first? Reach out to our team!

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