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Deep Trekker ROVs |Safe & Efficient Underwater Inspection

Shannon Regan   |   February 13, 2019

The use of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) is changing the way we inspect structures and survey environments.  Whether inspections for marine survey, search and rescue or submerged infrastructure, ROVs are saving lives and money.

Deep Trekker ROVs have become powerful tools in finding new applications in underwater inspection and surveying. Many structure inspections have traditionally been completed by divers, however, issues continue to exist with safety, high acquisition costs, accuracy and repeatability when using this method on its own.

Safe & Efficient Underwater Inspection

The DTG2 ROV can be used to inspect submerged structures when depth, turbidity or strong currents make it too risky for divers. It is designed with the Deep Trekker patented pitching system to provide unmatched maneuverability, and a 330 degree field of view camera for inspection at all angles.

All DTG2 Packages include the same robust ROV, but we have packaged them to include different accessories to best suit your project at hand. For more detail, the DT ROV can be integrated with sonar to produce a complete profile of the inspection environment using a single sweep scanning sonar, such as a Micron, or a multibeam sonar such as Tritech’s Gemini 720ik.

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Key advantages to ROVs

There are many advantages to using Deep Trekker as a tool to complement work by divers:

  • Greater worker safety by reducing risks associated with diving operations
  • Rapid, detailed inspections
  • Detection and detailed documentation
  • Extended service life of dams and control structures

To learn more about Deep Trekker ROVs, contact our team today!

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