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Save Inspection Time with ROVs

Rachel Doornekamp   |   January 24, 2020

Regular equipment and infrastructure inspections - including underwater inspections - are crucial to maintaining optimal energy producing operations. With the use of a Deep Trekker remotely operated vehicle (ROV), users can perform safe, accurate and rapid inspections on submerged infrastructure like penstocks, intakes, trash racks and reservoirs. From hydroelectric to nuclear, Deep Trekker has solutions for a variety of energy producers.

Read on to find out how you can save inspection time with Deep Trekker ROVs.

Inspect at a Moment’s Notice

There are times when answers regarding submerged structures are needed immediately. Having an ROV on site allows operators to get eyes underwater straight away. Easily portable in customized cases and quickly deployable, Deep Trekker ROVs help provide rapid answers for underwater issues. Being able to conduct underwater inspections at a moment’s notice is greatly beneficial in maximizing efficiency.

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Prevent Larger Issues

By keeping structures in tip top condition, you prevent larger issues from cropping up. Catching minor issues early prevents time and financial loss later. Take blockages in penstocks for example. A small blockage can cause a backup in the dam, significantly reducing efficiencies with potential environmental impacts. Alternatively consider the ramifications of a failed intake gate. It is far less costly to repair damaged or corroded gates and bolts than it would be to correct the issues that arise from a failed gate. Regular inspection allows operators to catch these smaller issues before they become catastrophic. Catching issues early greatly minimizes the negative effect on operations.

Improve Safety

Deep Trekker ROVs offer an alternative or complement to sending divers underwater in both routine and emergency situations.

Calling on divers to perform visual inspections is not only costly and time consuming, it can be incredibly dangerous. Working in the confined, dark and/or murky environments of energy plants can create precarious diving situations. With the use of an ROV, whether in lieu of divers or as an assist to divers, risk can be effectively mitigated.

An ROV also allows you to respond quickly in emergency scenarios without having to wait for a dive team. There are certain times when an immediate answer is necessary and an ROV can provide that timely answer.

Head to our customer story with Eugene Water and Electric Board to read about our ROVs in action. For more information reach out to one of our industry experts today!

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