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Skeletons Found in the Depths: Underwater Drone Discoveries

Brendan Cook   |   March 16, 2017

Skeletons found underwater using a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) - Deep Trekker client shares his discoveries using the underwater drone.

If you spend enough time exploring underwater, you will eventually stumble upon something exciting. Jan Petersen is a great example. A pilot of a Deep Trekker DTG2, Petersen spends much of his free time diving his underwater drone within the Kreidesee in northern Germany. Jan discovered...a a plane wreck on the lake bed.


Deep Trekker Pilot, Jan Petersen

A former electrician for the German Navy, Jan Petersen spent 12 years repairing and maintaining electrical systems and generators onboard several warships. Following his tenure in the Navy, Petersen joined a German ROV manufacturer where he gained extensive experience servicing and operating Remotely Operated Vehicles. With his involvement in ROV operation, Jan realized that the units with which he worked were often too bulky for their missions and too unwieldy to be handled by a single operator.

Capitalizing on his strong background in ROV maintenance and on his new found skills operating underwater drones, Jan Petersen sought to start his own business in aquatic commercial operations. "I had to look for a smarter ROV solution." Petersen explained. He required a system that could be easily carried and handled by a single operator. He wasn’t interested in units that required topside generators for power. The unit also had to be compact enough to attach to a climbing harness. A quick Google search, introduced Jan to Deep Trekker.

The Perfect Commercial ROV Solution

deep-trekker-rov-worker-underwater-dronDeep Trekker's portable DTG2 ROV system was the perfect match for Jan’s commercial needs. The entire unit is transported in one compact carrying case. Deep Trekker’s ROV can easily be mounted to a climbing harness to allow Jan access to high entry points in remotes areas.

If it's underwater, Jan Petersen can locate and inspect it. In some circumstances he might even retrieve it. With his DTG2 drone, Jan offers underwater inspection services for ship hulls and submerged infrastructure. His ROV is also equipped with the Two-Function Manipulator and can dive down to search and retrieve sunken treasures.

On-board lithium-ion batteries are housed within the ROV so Jan can put in a full 8 hour work day before having to recharge the DTG2. During the 90 minute recharge, Peterson can enjoy a quick meal and then head out to his favorite diving spot on the Kreidesee.

Skeletons Found While Exploring the Kreidesee

truck-underwater“Kreidesee” is German for chalk lake. Once known as a chalk mine, Kreidesee was created by groundwater seeping up from below to create the lake. It is now a popular dive spot to explore submerged buildings and vehicles.

I know what you're thinking, “What about the skeleton he found?”. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but... it’s a fake skeleton in a plane that was purposely planted there. Though lots of the sunken treasures in Kreidesee are the remains of time lost, many items have also been deliberately sunk to give visitors an abundance of explorable opportunities.

Even with a host of adventures below the lake surface, Petersen still sends his Deep Trekker DTG2 down to explore Kreidesee’s depths. However he does not dive alone. Through Facebook, Jan provides his audience a live video feed event from his ROV.

What's Next?

Petersen is always eager to share footage of his underwater drone discoveries. Follow his Facebook account to stay up to date on his latest adventures. If you are need of his Rope & ROV access services and live within northern Germany, reach out to Jan Petersen.

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