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Deep Trekker Attends Sub-Ice Dive Police Training

Kiara Vallier   |   March 24, 2016

This past February we were fortunate enough to be invited to attend the annual sub-ice dive training hosted by the Ottawa Police. Every year police forces from around the province gather to discuss and practice under-ice Search and Rescue (S&R) techniques.

Check out the video below to see some of the amazing footage captured with the ROVs. You won’t believe how much some of the shots look like they were filmed on another planet!

In recent months, numerous Ontario police forces have acquired Deep Trekker ROVs for their Search and Rescue Operations. Depth rated to 150 meters, and an operating temperature of -5 C to 40 C, Deep Trekker ROVs have proven to be extremely useful for S&R operations (especially in frigid Canadian winters).
Sam Macdonald, Deep Trekker President, attended the 4 days of training equipped with a DTG2 and a DTX2 ROV. Set up above the ice, she operated the ROVs from land while the vehicles flew through the water with the police divers.

Use ROVs to examine hazardous areas in your search and rescue missions

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