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Tank Inspection ROV - Reducing Cost and Risks

Cody Warner   |   September 18, 2018

Deep Trekker's tank inspection ROV is providing contractors and cities the ability to conduct safer and more cost-effective inspections to water tanks.

When Deep Trekker first set out to build Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), the goal was to simplify getting eyes underwater. Over time, many customers have turned to Deep Trekker to help them achieve this goal when getting eyes on their water storage tanks.

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Customary Tank Inspection Methods

Draining the Tanks

Traditionally these tanks are inspected by draining the water and putting someone inside of the tank to visually inspect the structures for wear, corrosion or damage. This is dangerous for the person entering the enclosed space, it is also time consuming and wasteful to drain thousands to millions of gallons of water.

Hiring Commercial Divers

rov-inspections-commercial-diving People then saw an opportunity to hire divers to perform these inspections and keep the task in service. This saved cities having to come up with a backup for the supply and days of waiting. However, sending divers in presented a new challenge. It was even riskier for the human entering due to being submerged in a space with only one way out. It is also difficult to sanitize a full wetsuit properly, so contamination risks were presented as well.

Underwater Tank Inspection ROV This is where Deep Trekker ROVs came in. Having the ability to perform a thorough inspection of the tank while keeping the tank in service and also eliminating the risks of divers is a no-brainer! Deep Trekker’s easy to operate and portable design meant that not only could tank contractors perform these inspections at an ultra-low cost, cities could inspect their own assets. Many cities have adopted this practice across the globe for a variety of structural inspection tasks.

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