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Aquaculture ROV | Top 3 Uses for the Fish Farming Industry

Rachel Doornekamp   |   June 24, 2021

The total annual aquaculture production contributes to 45% of the world’s aquatic product consumption. Maintaining infrastructure and equipment in proper operational conditions, ensuring compliance with hygiene and health standards and ensuring the integrity of fish farms can have critical challenges.

Deep Trekker addresses these challenges by providing aquaculture farms with durable, easy to use and affordable underwater inspection and inspection systems for daily operation and maintenance.

1. Net Inspection and Underwater Infrastructure

To address operational and regulatory requirements faced by aquaculture farms, Deep Trekker ROVs are easily and quickly deployed on any farm to carry out occasional or regular inspections of underwater infrastructure and equipment such as nets and moorings.

Full time monitoring can be implemented thanks to the DTPod – a fixed underwater camera providing 360 degree viewing of real-time footage to the surface operators.

DtPod fixed underwater camera

2. Mort Retrieval

Morts are an inevitable part of the fisheries and aquaculture industry. Throughout the smolt introduction up to the harvest, Deep Trekker ROV systems can be used with the mort retrieval system to efficiently remove or bring morts to the lift up systems.

These specially designed mort digger and lifter tools have been rigorously tested. The technology has been refined based on customer feedback who are currently using the systems in fish farms in Chile, Canada and Norway.

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3. Monitoring Fish Behaviour

Deep Trekker’s aquaculture ROV allows operators to monitor the health of their fish stock. It can be used to detect signs of unusual fish behavior that are possible indicators of health risk and it can also detect changes in underwater environments.

Meet the new PIVOT ROV for Underwater Inspection

Deep Trekker’s aquaculture ROV – the PIVOT – is used for efficient and thorough seafood and fish farming inspections. Equipped with a HD Camera to capture high quality footage in depth ratings up to 300 metres, regular inspections of nets, mooring lines and cages can be done to help ensure the integrity of aquaculture farms. With onboard batteries and up to 3 hours of battery life, fish farmers have the opportunity to inspect without the need to incur high costs of divers.

Learn More: Your Complete Guide to the Aquaculture Industry

Deep Trekker ROVs are the right tool for a range of aquaculture projects, including net inspections, patching, mort management and site selection. Learn more about our ROVs and available add-ons and see how an ROV can help your project by requesting a quote today.

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