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Sewer Inspection Crawler Offering a No-Dig Solution

Brendan Cook   |   March 24, 2017

Deep Trekker is set to launch its enhanced trenchless technology product line, the 340 Pipe Crawler system at the NASTT’s No-Dig Show in April.

Trenchless technology helps municipalities inspect, maintain, and repair their buried infrastructure. Allowing operators the ability to see what's happening within stormwater and wastewater systems without unearthing them. This is an important fact; with every passing year, the structural integrity of many municipal water management systems are reaching the point where they need to be repaired or reconstructed. Replacing entire systems can be quite costly and in some instances - unnecessary.

Trenchless Technology - The No-Dig Solution

Performing regular inspections of buried infrastructure have proven to be the most challenging factor for many municipalities due to the lack of accessibility and affordability. One small town spent $400,000 to hire a CCTV service company to conduct inspections of it storm water pipes. Realizing after that they could conduct their own inspections using trenchless technology; this lead them to purchase a Deep Trekker 340 Pipe Crawler at a fraction of the cost.

Deep Trekker 340 Pipe Crawler

This fully submersible Pipe Crawler is truly a standalone system; with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries built in, the Deep Trekker 340 Pipe Crawler robot packs up into two portable carrying cases. This set-up allows operators the ability to deploy the unit from anywhere; even in remote locations.

Live video is fed to the lightweight hand-held controller from the onboard pan, tilt, and zoom camera. The pipe system can be illuminated using the shadowless LED lighting fixed to the camera head and elevating arm. From the controller, an operator is able to adjust the brightness or zoom to an area of interest for further evaluation. A full workday is often filled with inspecting many pipeline systems and each can have different or unique characteristics, which is why the Deep Trekker 340 Pipe Crawler is entirely modular and with comes with plug-and-play technologies. Various wheel size options, and an elevating arm allow an operator to access and inspect pipes of varying diameters. Additionally, carbide grit wheels can be equipped onto the crawler to provide traction in smooth pipes.

trenchless-technology-deep-trekker-340-pipe-crawler-tracksIf a pipe has many obstacles or is partially filled with sludge, Deep Trekker offers anodized aluminum tracks; its newest addition to the 340 Pipe Crawler. With this inclusion to the system, municipalities and contractors are able to provide another trenchless solution to their subterranean infrastructure inspections.

Contact Deep Trekker for more information on how you get your hands on affordable pipe inspections >

NASTT’s No-Dig Show


Deep Trekker is set to introduce its enhanced product line of trenchless technology at the upcoming NASTT’s No-Dig Show. This event provides the ideal platform to display the 340 Pipe Crawler and its features to industry professionals.

This North American show will bring municipalities, contractors, engineers, and personnel from various energy and utility companies, all looking to learn about new trenchless technologies and techniques that will effectively save time and money.

Deep Trekker will be present at booth #529; if you are attending the event and would like a private demonstration or presentation, be sure to contact us in advance to set up the one-on-one meeting.


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