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Trenchless Technology: A Solution to Pipe Inspections

Shannon Regan   |   April 26, 2018

Trenchless technology is a viable solution to help decrease the risk of underground installation damage, and provide less disruption to cities and more convenience to the public.

A No-Dig Solution

The integrity and performance of water and wastewater buried pipelines are growing issues worldwide, especially seen in many European countries, such as Germany.

Some municipal pipelines have been around for more than 100 years and, like every man-made infrastructure system, have begun to age and wear out. As pipelines fail to meet regulatory requirements and performance standards, cities and municipalities must take to rehabilitation methods.

There are a handful of industries in water and wastewater that are seeing technological advancements through product growth and innovation. As communities and regulators place increasing demand on maintaining and improving infrastructure in cost effective and socially acceptable ways, there is an increasing need for cities and municipalities to use trenchless technology to provide the best solutions.

Cities Adopting Trenchless Technology

trenchless technology solution

Cities and municipalities are adopting trenchless technology as an efficient way to work beneath the ground for public utilities from sewage and stormwater pipes, gas and electrical conduits, to the installation of new underground infrastructure.

The noticeable growth in the use of trenchless technology increases as communities become more aware of the impact of infrastructure development and renewals on our social and ecological environments, and as the aging pipelines in our built up and congested urban areas require replacement.

The specification, design and construction of pipe systems in Europe are some of the oldest, and also some of the smallest in size and diameter. The age and size of these pipe systems pose additional issues to European infrastructure.

Trenchless technology holds many advantages for future operation

Decreased Disturbance: Because trenchless technology reduces the need for invasive excavations, it has much less of an impact on the surrounding environment. Residential neighbourhoods remain unscathed, commercial districts don’t have to deal with loss of business and rural regions remain undisturbed.

Safety: Excavating is one of the riskiest aspects of construction and safety is a paramount concern for infrastructure industries. Rendering the majority of excavations unnecessary can therefore only be a good thing – decaying pipe systems and related accidents become a thing of the past and workers can instead rely on the manual safety assurances provided by trenchless technology.

Improved Accuracy: Trenchless technology allows for precise implements to be passed beneath existing surfaces and services in order to carry out complex procedures to a very high standard of accuracy, with minimal disruption to the surrounding area.

Financially Friendly: Once you've invested in trenchless technology to carry out your excavation projects, you'll find that costs are quickly recouped.

Deep Trekker Offers NEW Solutions

trenchless technology

Deep Trekker has developed new ways to make inspections simple and more cost effective. As infrastructure continues to age, the risk of breaks, cracks and leaks in our structures grow. By conducting frequent routine inspections, cities and municipalities are able to discover the issue(s) before it becomes a serious problem.

Join us at IFAT 2018

Join Deep Trekker at IFAT 2018 in Munich, Germany. The team is excited for the LAUNCH of its latest trenchless technology system - one that is portable, easy to use and cost effective for cities around the globe, and specially designed for the European market.

#BecomeSimple #IFAT2018

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