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Heroes of the Waters

Kiara Vallier   |   September 29, 2016

A sense of adventure and desire to explore the depths were the inspiring forces behind Deep Trekker. We believe that the more awareness people see underwater the more they care about the oceans and waterways and keeping them clean.

Finding that perfect balance between making sure our underwater drones are accessible to everyone but maintaining durable equipment that can withstand serious and important jobs has been a top priority for us. We build our products to last. We want to make sure that the “Heroes of the Waters” know that they can rely on the Deep Trekker time and again to tackle the job at hand.


Check out Microactivist's Instagram

Take Microactivist, one of our youngest Deep Trekker pilots, is using his ROV to spread the word about ocean conservation. Sharing knowledge about the oceans and what they have to offer is one of the most effective means of preservation efforts. His work is definitely inspiring and we urge all of you to visit his website to see the impact he’s making.

In related news, Maritime Executive recently published a piece submitted by Justin Hofman, the undersea specialist of the Crystal Serenity; a cruise ship that makes its way through the Northern Passage. Hofman explains that while he is a Marine biologist, he’s more of an ocean ambassador. He finds it very important to educate cruise guests about the oceans. He uses a Deep Trekker ROV to help spread the word about the oceans.

“We also deployed a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to explore waters deeper than most divers can go. Piloting the ROV to over 250 feet deep, it really feels like entering another planet filled with unusual invertebrates in surprisingly high abundance,” explained Hofman.

There is a general misconception that cold, polar waters are devoid of life, and I am here to educate and surprise curious travelers. Guests are often totally unaware of the beautiful colors and proliferation of life found in the ocean’s coldest waters, and with new camera and ROV technologies it’s becoming easier (and more comfortable) to educate cruise guests every year.”

Rainbow Trout Farm

Farms are using ROVs to maintain healthy operations.

While ocean awareness is a huge aspect of what makes some of our customers “Heroes of the Waters”, professionals like fish farmers are working passionately to ensure the global population is not left without a relied upon resource. Feeding the world is not an easy task but it is vital. The many fish farmers we have encountered over the years have been equally as passionate about maintaining healthy oceans and supporting conservation efforts as they are about farming. Many farms have been using Deep Trekker ROVs every single day to maintain their operations, maintain farm integrity and perform benthic monitoring. To learn more about how farms are using our ROVs to ensure healthy oceans follow the links here.

Salmon Farm Tour and Canadian Fish Farm Using Underwater Drone

Another group of “Heroes of the Waters” are the officers who perform dangerous yet necessaryjobs every day. Those who take part in Search and Recovery (S&R) missions face added dangers of being deployed underwater. This is the most unfortunate part of what we do but it is still important work. Finding and recovering drowned victims is critical for identifying what might have taken place and provide closure to family and friends. We are happy that we are able to support the officers who serve tirelessly. Click here or here to learn more about underwater drones and S&R.

This is just a few of the Heroes we have met who work to maintain, protect, educate about and conserve the ocean and lakes. We feel fortunate every day to be able to work with and support such amazing people and efforts.

Do you know of any “Heroes of the Waters”? We’d love to hear about what they’re doing. Comment below, email us a story or tweet at us to let us know.



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