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CCTV Pipe Inspections WinCan Integration

Cody Warner   |   July 6, 2018

WinCan is a trusted provider of standards-compliant inspection software for your CCTV camera inspections. With the Deep Trekker one cable integration, the live video feed and pipe distance are logged by WinCan, to mark areas of concern and make notes for further review.

CCTV Pipe Integration Packages with WinCan Software

Are you considering performing industry standard compliant inspections such as a PACP coded inspection to be NASSCO compliant? Or are you looking to have an efficient way to gather data from CCTV pipe inspections and organize and analyze it consistently, while creating a professional appearing deliverable?

As the global leader in CCTV pipe inspection software, WinCan is a great product that integrates with Deep Trekker's Pipe Crawlers. WinCan requires a laptop for its software. Read more: WinCan [Series 2] Coding Software for Pipe Inspections wincan training

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WinCan Software Packages for CCTV Inspections

WinCan offers a variety of packages and capabilities, below we have focused on packages that work well with pipe crawlers for pipe inspections and the key features that WinCan offers to help with your deliverables. The best part about WinCan is that you can upgrade packages at any time or add useful add-on tools such as WinCan Web (to upload and access pipe reports from anywhere) and other pipe inspection software integrations.

cctv pipe inspection wincan

Lite Package

This package has everything you need to video record from the crawler in an easy to use software program alongside recording defects and features of pipes. It also gives you the ability to generate industry standard pipe inspection reports from cumulative data in various languages - use tools like WinCan Draw to closely estimate sizes of objects in videos/photos taken from the inspection. This is the ideal package for getting started on main line inspections.

Advanced Package

Similar to the Lite package but with additional capabilities to include manhole and lateral evaluations as part of your reporting. We recommend this package if you are performing inspections on these structures and want to include the results in your overall reports.

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Expert Package

This is the most impressive of all. For anyone who wants to visualize their pipe inspections on a map or grid, this package is for you - often referred to as GIS or Geographical Information Systems.

The map control enables you to quickly select pipes based on a familiar map reference point and to visualize “heat mapping” to identify where your most troublesome areas are on a map. If you have an area in the city that has a lot of 4s and 5s (severe defects) it will paint the area red/orange vs. the less severely damaged “green” areas. This allows you to quickly diagnose where to prioritize repair dollars.

Speaking of repairs, with WinCan you can also build an estimation tool, whereby you input various repair techniques along with dollar values. This allows you to diagnose an inspection, include suggested repair options and provide a quote for a repair all within the same deliverable and same software program.

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