The Benefits of BRIDGE's API Integration

BRIDGE.web is a technology enhancement that extends the existing BRIDGE technology capabilities, through the use of modern web technologies. The core product deliverables that are enabled through this enhancement include the ability to operate BRIDGE products with flexible topside devices, and true internet operation.

Bridge API

BRIDGE.web High-Level Overview

Our vision is to enable new and flexible topside operating interfaces, and true internet connectivity for BRIDGE products, through modern web technologies. This means that the end user will be able to connect to Deep Trekker ROVs through the API integration.

API for End Users

The BRIDGE web API is a programming interface we've developed that can be utilized by applications, either internal or external to Deep Trekker, for standardized communication with devices within the Deep Trekker ecosystem.

It is essentially a common language that our devices can understand and interpret, enabling them to carry out precise instructions, or send commands over to other connected devices for execution.

The following diagram illustrates a comprehensive view of various devices that exist and communicate with one another within the BRIDGE web system. Arrows are drawn in to show the flow of data while connection methods are differentiated by color.

bridge api chart

Some notable benefits include:

  • Customizable topside interface, displays, and capability to integrate with 3rd party applications, 3rd party controllers, and other devices.
  • More advanced topside control.
  • Capable of integration with custom mobile apps.
  • Flexibility on any Operating System (OS).
  • Online connectivity, and remote control of vehicles.

Making the Most of BRIDGE's API Integration

If you’re looking for a custom solution for a white label, want to use a 3rd party controller, need specific custom controls, custom GUI, or integration with a custom OS, our API is a great tool that enables external developers to build something customized to satisfy their requirements, whether it’s web-based or offline.

Our API supports powerful bi-directional communication between servers and clients for relaying vehicle data. Under the hood, we are using the most versatile technologies and standards available in order to accommodate communication across a variety of different technological stacks.

For more detailed information and instructions on how to integrate the DeepTrekker BRIDGE Web API with your systems, you can get access to our API documentation here.

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