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Aquaculture Equipment Recommended Packages

Aquaculture equipment for monitoring and inspection. There is no better tool than the Deep Trekker DTG3 and Revolution ROVs and the DTPod.

Perform a Fast, Thorough Aquaculture Net Inspection

Whether it is routine net inspection, lighting, feeding, mooring inspection, mort lift troubleshooting, or stock monitoring, Deep Trekker's aquaculture equipment is the easiest, most effective, and portable system to get the job done. topside aquaculture rov operation Aquaculture net inspections are completed quickly and easily, often in less than a half hour per pen due to the ROV’s ability to capture video in a 270-degree vertical arc. Inspect nets from top to bottom, often in only one or two passes around the circular pen. Optional side-facing cameras allow technicians to perform lateral inspections with ease, simply flying the ROV around the cage. The one-person portability and fully integrated DTG3 and Revolution systems ensure that multiple cages can be inspected in quick succession; simply pick up the mini ROV and move to the next pen. Another advantage of performing a cage inspection with a remotely operated vehicle is that the unit operates via internal battery power. There is no need for a topside power supply, generator, or external control boxes. Deep Trekker ROVs are the standard for aquaculture inspections, worldwide. Choose between our two proven models, then customize with our range of aquaculture-specific options.

Deep Trekker Aquaculture Equipment DTG3 Smart & Expert ROV

Compact and robust, complete with heading and depth displays. Depth rated to 150 m (492 ft)

deep trekker dtg2 rov underwater drone aquaculture


Vectored thrusters when working in higher currents or moving laterally. Depth rated to 305 m (1000 ft)



Designed for drop camera inspections and permanent installations, providing high-resolution video to the surface from underwater. Depth rated to 305 m (1000 ft)

DTPod aquaculture

Read about Aqua-Cage Fisheries' experience using the Deep Trekker ROV Our ROV models have been designed with aquaculture in mind. All of our systems are battery-operated for instant deployment and include a hand-held controller for intuitive piloting. With these systems, we have introduced a wide range of add-ons to customize each product to meet your specific needs.

Side Facing Camera Quickly change views to look at nets beside you

aquaculture side facing camera

Mort Retrieval

Scoop up morts for immediate diagnostics or to the lift-up

aquaculture mort retrieval

Net Repairer

Identify holes and quickly patch until a repair can be made

aquaculture net repairer

Water Sampler

Perform environmental monitoring with sampling add-ons, such as the water sampler

aquaculture water sampler

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