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DT340 Pipe Crawler Spec Sheet

Breakdown of the Deep Trekker DT340 Pipe Crawler features and specifications

DT340 Pipe Crawler Technical Specifications

DT340 ‘S’ Crawler General Specifications
Length: 710 Mm (27.95”)
Width: 141 Mm (5.55”)
Height: 151 Mm (5.96”)
Weight: 16.6 Kg (36.59 Lb)
Materials: Stainless Steel Aluminium, High Strength Sapphire
Depth Rating: 50 M (164 Ft)
Viewing Capability: Pipelines 200Mm (8”) Diameter To 900Mm (36”) Center
Wheels: 4
Tracks: Optional
Wheel Sizes: 200 Mm Diameter (8”) (Standard), 250 Mm Diameter (10”) (Optional), 300 Mm Diameter (12”) (Optional)
Turn Radius: 0 Mm (0”)
Speed: 12 M / Min
Operating Temp: -5C To 40C (23F - 104F)
Warranty: 1 Year - Parts And Labor

Electrical System
System: 19.2 Vdc (Lithium Batteries)
Battery Run Time: 4 - 8 Hours
Battery Recharge: 1.5 Hours
Sensors: Incline, Roll, Leak, Camera Pan/Tilt

Drive System
Power: Planetary Gear Motor (2 Pieces)
Wheel Control: Steerable, Cruise Control, Infinitely Variable (Forward & Reverse)
Gear Train: High Strength Oversized Gears
Final Drives: Magnetically Coupled

Tether Diameter: 6.2 Mm (0.24”)
Tether Length: 200 M - 400 M (164 Ft - 1,312 Ft)
Tether Construction: Polyurethane Outer Jacket With Embedded Synthetic Fibers
Minimum Breaking Strength: 450 Kg (1000 Lb)

Tether Reel
Construction: Industrial Tough; Ip68
Intelligence: Standalone Hall Effect Tether Length Counter (Optional)
Capacity: 400M (1,312 Ft)
Operation: Manual Coil // Active Free-Wheel, Free-Wheel Uncoil With Guide // Powered Reel