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Diveable Controllers Allow for a More Portable ROV & Offer Extra Safety for Divers

Portable ROV solutions, such as the Diveable Controller, offer military divers an extra level of safety by sending an underwater drone into dangerous waters.

Nothing says ' portable ROV ' like the Deep Trekker Diveable Controller. Without the need for cumbersome generators or topside power sources, Deep Trekker Remotely Operated Vehicles, DTG2 & DTX2, are the ideal suitors for the diveable controller.

However, we are often asked, if deploying a portable underwater drone, why is there a need for a diver to operate one below the surface? The answer is quite simple; ROVs and divers are not mutually exclusive. Portable ROV solutions are used globally to ensure that human divers are not placed in dangerous situations; providing divers an extra tool on their belt to put between them and harm's way.

Deep Trekker Divable Controller

Diveable Controller in ActionThe Diveable Controller gets its unique abilities from Deep Trekker's portable, internal-battery ROV configuration. With no connection to the surface, the entire controller is completely self-contained; allowing it to dive to depths of 75 meters (146 feet). This device gives divers the opportunity to investigate areas of potential dangers within unknown waters with the Deep Trekker ROV prior to going in themselves.

Everyday Uses of Portable ROVs

It's easy to describe the immediate advantages of having this portable ROV solution to salvage & commercial divers; needing to operate in unstable and often narrow spaces, or to the recreational diver exploring uncharted passages in underwater caverns. However, there are divers that face urgent dangers every time they dive below the surface. Military divers, or frogmen, operate in some of the most challenging underwater circumstances.

Diveable ROV Controller for Military & Combat Divers


Globally, governing parties are in constant combat with counter-drug conflicts and operate counter-terrorism measures to uphold the safety of the public.

At times these operations place military divers in unfamiliar and often threatening conditions. Here are the top five ways where equipping the diver with the portable ROV and the Diveable Controller greatly improves diver safety and inspection:

1. Aquatic Assault

Militaries first send in armed divers to a coastal location to covertly secure a position or to survey the shoreline prior to troops landing. Using the portable ROV, the diver is able to send the robot ahead of the dive team; ensuring their path is secure.

2. Investigating Unidentified Divers

Combat and policing divers are used to subdue illegal spear fishers and to investigate unidentified divers in naval harbors. In most cases, the sport divers subdue with little or no confrontation; however the unlikelihood there is a struggle, its best to keep your own divers safe. When mysterious divers enter restricted waters, combat or policing divers can be outfitted with the Divable controller and send the ROV intercept and identify the targets - prior to engaging in person.

3. Anti-Sabotage

When operating in hostile waters, enemy divers place explosives knowns as limpet mines to ship hulls. These magnetic mines are often set with timed fuses or are set off when removed from the vessel's hull.

Military divers are deployed to conduct routine inspections of the vessels for the explosives. Once they are located, the diver must assess the type of explosive and then disarm it.

With the use of the portable controller, the diver is able to perform the hull inspections using the Remotely Operated Vehicle. If a limpet mine is detected, the diver is able to examine the device prior to swimming toward it and removing the explosive.

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4. Underwater Mine Clearance

On the same note of explosives, divers may be assigned the uneasy task of explosive ordnance disposal (EOD). In unfriendly seas, submerged mines are planted below the surface to hinder vessels traversing through the water. Mines are hunted using sonar systems; however, new technologies make them difficult to discern from surrounding objects.

Once an area of interest is determined, divers are sent to assess whether it is an explosive or not. If it is proven to be a mine, the diver must disarm and dispose of the danger. The portable ROV equipped with the divable controller offers an extra level of security to the human diver. They are able to send to underwater drone ahead of themselves to evaluate the unknown situation before putting their life at risk.

5. Underwater Recovery

Often, divers are needed to recover sunken items; whether it be weapons, equipment, or contraband, these individuals must first survey the area to locate the target. Once located, they would hook a positioning system beacon. Utilizing the underwater drone, the diver is are able to conduct a large area sweep of an area, locate the target, and the ROV can even deliver the positioning beacon with its grabber arm. The diver can then follow the ROV to the scene and can conduct a further analysis of the situation.

More about Portable ROV Solutions & Divable Controllers

Portable ROVs, such as the Deep Trekker DTG2 & DTX2, are built to withstand the everyday conditions of a military diver; their robust construction allows them to operate in depths to 1000 feet (300 m). The modular design allows for a variety of attachments; giving the ROV the ability to perform a multitude of underwater tasks. From manipulators; to recover sunken objects, to sonar systems for locating underwater targets.

Moreover, the Diveable Controller has proven to be the ideal solution to keeping military divers safe by putting an underwater robot between them and harm's way.

To find out more about the Diveable Controller or Deep Trekker's portable ROVs contact us today >


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