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Deep Trekker's Ultimate Hull Inspection Package

Kiara Vallier   |   November 11, 2016

In previous posts, we've explored why hull inspections are important and have examined the challenges and costs that vessel owners encounter maintaining a ship. We’ve looked at issues such as the transfer of contraband attached to hulls and the inadvertent delivery of invasive species into new waters.

Frequent inspections of your hull are vital to reduce corrosion, prevent contraband trading, control invasive species transfer, and identify abrasions and problems developing on the bottom of one’s ship. Frequent inspections help control costs. Traditional, relatively expensive inspection methods such as divers or dry docking often result in less frequent inspections. Resulting deterioration of hull integrity will eventually create expensive maintenance challenges.

Deep Trekker's remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) can be the perfect inspection solution for ship owners and operators. For more information on maintaining your hull's integrity, follow the link here.

Today we are looking at the ultimate hull inspection package from Deep Trekker. You know that you need a new and cost effective tool to assist in keeping your hull in tip top condition. Deep Trekker can create the perfect ROV package with a number of fantastic add-ons and options for all of your unique hull inspection needs.

Deep Trekker's DTG2 Smart Package

Deep Trekker ROV footage

Our famous Deep Trekker DTG2 mini-ROV is the perfect tool for underwater inspections of any kind. Depth rated to 150 meters, the DTG2 ROV can be used in fresh and salt water. On-board lithium batteries allow users to operate the ROV for between 4-8 hours on a 1.5 hour charge. The complete portability and maneuverability is what makes Deep Trekker stand out from all the rest. Still not convinced? Check out this link to see why Deep Trekker ROVs are making waves around the world.

The DTG2 Smart package provides users with 75 meters of tether and sensor pod capabilities. Optional sensors allow operators to view the ROV's depth, heading and pitch and the water temperature on the ROV's handheld viewing screen. These added capabilities assist in making it the perfect tool for frequent and effective hull inspections. Recognizing where the ROV is located in the water is easy with the DTG2 Smart package.

Crawler Wheels

Crawler WheelsLightweight but robust wheels can sometimes assist with navigating the DTG2 ROV on and near a variety of surfaces. They can easily be attached or removed by the operator at any time. Attaching the crawler wheels to the top of your ROV allows for smooth sailing across a ship’s hull. When adding the crawler wheels to your ROV for hull inspections, adjust the ballast of the ROV to be a little light so that it slowly rises in the water. This ensures that when you are under the hull, the ROV wheels settle nicely against the ship's exterior. Maintaining a constant depth and consistent image is easier with crawler wheels.

Thickness Gauge

Corrosion and deteriorating paint jobs may be significant indicators of hull integrity. Corrosion eventually results in weaker and thinner Cygnus ROV Packagesurfaces and structures. Deep Trekker's thickness gauge can test the thickness of metal to see if it is taking place. Frequently checking the status of a hull’s metal thickness can ensure that operators identify and address corrosion before it reaches a point where repairs or hull integrity become too challenging or expensive.

Auxiliary Lights

Additional on-board LCD lighting on a Deep Trekker ROV make night-time and emergency inspections easier and more comprehensive. Sailing at night and suspect you may have scratched, scraped or hit your hull against something? Need to perform an emergency inspection before taking off late in the night? With auxiliary lighting, users can ensure that hull inspections are a possibility at any time.

Side-Facing-Auxiliary-CameraAuxiliary Side Facing Cameras

This option allows users to capture views of their hull from various angles, in addition to the 270 degree field of view that the ROV already offers. Operators can quickly switch between the forward and side facing cameras to never miss a thing.

Find out what ROV package is right for your next hull inspection

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Digital Video Recorder

With the DVR, users can record everything they see with the Deep Trekker ROV. For documentation purposes, training, and compliance issues, users can record their hull inspection for use at a later date.

There you have it: The Ultimate Hull Inspection Package.

To learn more or request a quote, contact us today.

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