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ROV Finds Alligator in a Stormwater Pipe

When you start you look underwater, there is always something surprising to find. From sunken shipwrecks, reefs, caves, to lost fishing rods, colorful fish, or even your lost sunglasses. But people are always asking, what is the coolest thing your ROV has ever seen?

One of our very first and best customers recently sent us a video of an inspection he did in a stormwater pipe in Tampa Florida. The inspection itself was great for us to see the Deep Trekker in action, providing essential information on the integrity of the pipe. About 30 feet in, something with large teeth appears to be blocking the pipe, not allowing the ROV to pass. When the ROV gets closer it is clear, it is an alligator in no mood to move!

This is one of the cooler things I've seen our Deep Trekker ROV discover. So, I thought I would share some video of the encounter here with you.

The ROV gets up close and personal with the alligator, who doesn't seem to mind this little robot swimming around. Which brings us to another question we get asked -- what happens if an alligator eats it (or a shark bites it!)? Well, this video here shows that the Deep Trekker ROV doesn't seem to be a threat to the beasts of the sea.

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What amazing things have you seen or found underwater? We want to know, please comment below.