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The Best Coastal Defense

Recently, Finnish Naval Defense Forces were called to action to send warning shots to an unknown submerged vehicle (Rossi 2015). This was a rare public display of aggression for the Scandinavian nation, but reminded us that we are all still on guard. It is important for countries with coastal borders to be prepared for anything. Most Naval Defenses are equipped with land bound sonar scanners and vessels equipped with sonar, as well as other defense equipment. These all cover similar areas but act as backups to each other, in case of a tactical strike on one of the defense mechanisms (NOAA 2008). However, these are all powered by electricity.

If a strike were to be focused on the power supply of the vessel or coast, this would leave the defenses vulnerable. This is a common strategy for offensive forces, it enables an undetected strike. Having inspection equipment self-contained and not dependent on a constant power supply from shore, strengthens a boarders ability to properly defend against potential enemies. Many naval forces have turned to AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles) and ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) to bridge this gap.

For many years, ROVs have also been shore powered, until the newly emerged Deep Trekker portable line of ROVs. Deep Trekker ROVs have completely self-contained batteries, allowing naval defense forces to detect any unusual activity with no attachment to electricity. This mini-ROV is powered by battery and maneuvered using a patented pitch system, allowing for smooth, hard to decipher movements. It’s small size and only 5 mm diameter tether make it difficult to detect. With attachments such as it’s Tritech Micron Sonar, it acts as the perfect first line of defense. If offensive forces struggle to find the defenses, they will have a hard time sneaking past them. Now let’s talk worst cases: offensive forces do find the ROV and destroy it, the upfront cost of a DTG2 is a tiny fraction of the cost of the vessel or coastline it is protecting.

As an everyday civilian, it’s hard to think that our coasts could be under threat, but it is the brave men and women that defend these borders that make it possible for us to feel safe and not worry about these issues. We are proud to be able to provide one more piece of defense, to keep divers out of the water and out of harm's way when there is a dangerous or unknown situation, and provide eyes in the water when the seconds matter most.

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