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Robotic Systems ensuring safety in Harbors

Deep Trekker offers various robotic systems to be used for shipping, security and defense missions to ensure safe harbors & regular hull inspections.

safe harbours deep trekker dtg2

Ocean shipping is a significant means of transportation for thousands of goods across the globe. Deep Trekker recently made a visit to British Columbia to attend the Harbour Authority of British Columbia Conference

HAABC Conference

The team attended HAABC to speak to small port and harbor authorities from coastal BC and Vancouver Island, RCMP representatives and Canadian coast guards. Deep Trekker remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) offer inspection solutions to small craft harbors who are encountering issues with their operations.

The Problem

Harbor authorities are often faced with issues regarding safety. There are often abandoned ships left in harbors with no one to maintain them. The remote locations of many harbors and small towns make it difficult to access said abandoned ships. Quite often, divers are hired to assess the need for repairs which is an extremely costly endeavor for many small harbors.

Furthermore, safety and police enforcement is scarce due to remote locations and small RCMP teams located at the marine coast of British Columbia.

The Solution

Deep Trekker ROVs are widely accepted as a solution to ensuring safe harbors. The DTG2 can be used to inspect areas of interest and assess whether there is need for repairs. Utilizing a ROV before hiring a diver, saves time and money and allows for safe habour inspections.

Deep Trekker ROV specific applications include; inspecting wharfs, inspecting mooring lines and investigating submerged infrastructure.

DTG2 and DTX2 ROVs

rov hull inspections

The DTG2 and DTX2 ROVs combined with advanced sonar allow for threat detection in water with little to no visibility up to 300 meters in depth, both from shore or by divers in the water. This enables real-time inspection of ships, ports, and harbors.

DTPod Inspection Camera

DTPod Hull Inspections

The DTPod inspection camera can be used to offer constant monitoring of ports and harbors below the waterline. Designed to be permanently mounted, the DTPod offers 360-degree visual monitoring of critical infrastructure.

DT640 Mag Crawler

DT640 Hull Inspection

The DT640 Mag Crawler is used to ensure the security of ships using its magnetic wheels to crawl alongside the vessel hull and detect hidden contraband below the waterline using both cameras and sonar.

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