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Scuba Diving: ROVs Exploring Shipwrecks and Coral Reefs

Many recreational scuba diving and discovery expeditions now make use of specially designed underwater exploration ROVs equipped with HD cameras to help mitigate risk to divers. Our versatile Deep Trekker ROVs - the DTG3and REVOLUTION - allow you to capture the most breathtaking coral reefs imaginable with its imaging and video recording capabilities.

Scuba Diving Bucket List

As we discover more and more about our Earth, the desire to understand what we cannot see beneath the waves is greater than ever. Check out Deep Trekker's scuba diving bucket list - top 5 must dives around the world!

1. Palawan, Philippines

scuba diving palawa

The Palawan archipelago consists of 1,780 islands stretching from Borneo in the southwest to Mindoro Island in the northeast. Palawan is covered in lush forests and its unique coastline resembles the breathtaking scenery of Vietnam's Halong Bay. Palawan is largely pristine and this, together with its unique flora and fauna, makes it one of the real scuba diving treasures of the Philippines.

There are three main areas most notable for scuba diving. The far north of Coron is home to a famous fleet of Japanese wrecks. El Nido and its surrounding islands provides divers with marine diversity and colourful corals. Lastly, Puerto Princesa is the departure port of the liveaboards heading for the Tubbataha Reef in the Sulu Sea- a must see diving destination.

2. Corn Islands, Nicaragua

scuba diving corn island

The Corn Islands are one of the most beautiful Caribbean scuba diving destinations ever - and I bet you’ve never heard of them! Diving the picturesque waters just 43 miles off Nicaragua’s Mosquito Coast is like stepping back in time - untouched reefs thick with fluorescent corals and plentiful with grouper, lobster and sharks.

Little Corn Island is the smaller and less developed island of the two - an island with no roads or motorized transportation but it hosts a friendly dive community. Eagle rays, nurse sharks and hammerheads regularly cruise in. The shallow depths, paired with calm conditions allows divers of all levels to enjoy the waters surrounding Little Corn.

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3. Canary Islands, Province of Spain

scuba diving canary island

The Canary Islands consist of seven main islands, all of which are home to unique underwater destinations for scuba diving of all levels. Situated off the coast of Morocco, the Canaries are volcanic in nature and thus play host to an array of breathtaking scenes both above and below the water.

The Canary waters are known for its turquoise blue colour, crystal clear quality up to 30 meters down and temperatures sitting at an average of 20ºC. From thousands of ship wrecks and wall dives, snorkeling or scuba diving in the Canarian sea or diving down into the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, everyone will find something that suits their diving needs.

Use ROVs to explore and capture your next underwater expedition

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4. Raja Ampat, West Papua

scuba diving

Raja Ampat consists of over 1,500 small islands, which surround the four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo. The area covers more than 40,000 square kilometres of coral reef, mangroves, seagrass beds and white sandy beaches.

As the epicentre of marine diversity, Raja Ampat is also home to a vast amount of ship and plane war wrecks, with new wrecks being discovered constantly, encounters with dolphins, and the simplicity of drifting effortlessly over some of the most pristine and fascinating coral reefs imaginable.

5. Cayman Islands

scuba diving cayman island

The Cayman Islands is the go-to destination for stingray spotting and dramatic sea drop-offs, and it offers wreck dives just meters off of its shoreline.

The famous Grand Cayman wall runs around the entire island, with scuba diving sites on all four sides. One of the most remarkable and famous dive sites is found along the North Wall - called Babylon. While there is plenty for divers to see on the sandy flats on top of the wall, those who swim deeper will be surprised by the breathtaking scenery and immense black coral, purple sea fans and barrel sponges. If you choose to dive the waters surrounding Cayman, you are likely to swim with parrot fish, barracuda, eagle rays, green and hawksbill turtles and if you’re lucky, the odd hammerhead shark!

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