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Search and Rescue Demo With Deep Trekker

Search and Rescue operations are a large part of police divers jobs. While it is never nice to hear about a drown victim, the work that police divers do is extremely important to provide closure to the families involved. Each time a brave diver enters the water there is a number of risks involved, especially when the specific task at hand holds so much weight.

One of the most gratifying aspects of working with Deep Trekker is being able to help in search and rescue expeditions, and provide police divers with a tool to make their work safer.

A common time for drowning accidents is in the winter; due to cold water temperatures and frozen lakes. With these added factors, S&R divers have a limited time they can stay searching underwater, which can extend search missions to take much longer.

With Deep Trekker ROVs, divers can use the systems to search the lake bed for as long as the battery lasts (between 6-8 hours) allowing teams to cover more ground quickly. It can also be used to monitor the divers as they search, adding an extra layer of security to the mission.

Want to learn how dive supervisors can use ROVs to keep an eye on their divers? Why Mini-ROVs Should Act as a Dive Supervisor's Eyes.

Recently, we acquired a drown dummy that we named Suzy to practice ROV search and rescue missions and had the chance to bring her out to Tobermory in Georgian Bay and practice our ROV search and retrieving skills. Watch the video below to take a look for yourself.

For more videos like this one visit our YouTube Page.