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Water Tank Cleaning with Deep Trekker ROVs & Crawlers

Budgeting for water tank cleaning is typically a battle, and Deep Trekker understands that. Therefore, we offer remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to conduct inspections as a cost effective alternative to comprehensive dive maintenance.

Affordable Solutions to Water Tank Cleaning

Clean water supply is important in ensuring good health of people and is often distributed from water storage tanks. Sediment that accumulates over time in water storage tanks will deteriorate the water quality used by consumers. Therefore, water tanks are required to be cleaned once every three years (or more) by water utility operators or tank cleaning service providers. Manual cleaning methods are done by draining and resupplying water into the tank after workers have cleaned the tank using water jets and brushes.

water tank cleaning rov

By using ROVs, water supply disruption can be prevented and the inspection process can be much more efficient and cost effective. A ROV is built to operate underwater and with the optional vacuum head attachment, it can remove sediment from water tanks without having to drain the tank. Operators using the ROV can then watch the live video directly to their handheld controller.

Our ROVs are equipped with 4K video and aux lights which allow for a remote inspection of the interior of your water tank. Although a ROV cannot perform repairs, it is an effective tool for identifying the general condition of your tanks, clearwells, reservoirs and water towers at a cost that is well within any budget.

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Meet the DT640 Utility Crawler

The standard DT640 Utility Crawler includes rubber wheels and an onboard camera allowing the vehicle to inspect points of interest, in hard to reach areas. Operator-friendly and easily deployed, the crawler has a handheld controller, with a super bright viewing screen to ensure accurate and detailed inspections. Attachments include an elevated camera head, vacuum cleaner, pressure washer and scraper, all of which are unique and safe solutions for water tank inspections.

dt640 utility crawler vacuum cleaner water tank rov

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