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Underwater Robots Play Hockey – Canada 150

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Deep Trekker celebrates Canada’s 150th birthday in the most Canadian way possible – by dropping their underwater robots play hockey.

With Canada turning the big one-five-o, the Deep Trekker team wanted to do something special to commemorate the big day and showcase what makes this Canadian company so innovative and unique. The team decided there would be no better way to celebrate Canada’s birthday than to have Underwater Robots Play Hockey!

Underwater Robots Play Hockey

Celebrating Canada 150

The entire Deep Trekker team has been traveling the globe demonstrating an expanding fleet of submersible robots, which are proudly designed and manufactured in Canada. As June comes to a close, and the sun of summer begins to shine, the team is returning back to the office in Kitchener-Waterloo, just in time to be able to participate in the country’s birthday celebration – an enormous milestone for Canada.

The July 1st, Canada Day long weekend sparks many fond memories of lakes, camping, barbeques, block parties or family getaways. Traveling the globe has only reaffirmed for the Deep Trekker team members how much we have to celebrate in Canada; to be able to spend Canada Day weekend with family and friends, in a country whose people, geographic diversity and beauty are unrivaled by anywhere in the world.

From our team, to all of our customers, friends and family members, may this historical celebration Canada’s big 150th birthday, find you in good company and enjoying the festivities in a safe and very happy way!



Credits from the Video

Thank you for watching our video; we had a great time filming it. Did you make sure you stay to the end to experience the most fitting cameo 🙂

Here is the starting lineup for your Deep Trekker Underwater Robots:


In Net

In the Crowd
DT340 Pipe Crawler

Special Appearance
DT640 Utility Crawler

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