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How AquaCage Fisheries Improved their Operations with mini-ROV

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As we gear up for the busy month of October we have been visiting and working with industry professionals from across all fields to see first hand how our customers have been using their Deep Trekker ROVs. A few weeks back Sam and I had the opportunity to spend a day at AquaCage Fisheries in Parry Sound, Ontario. AquaCage Fisheries is the largest rainbow trout farm in Ontario and have been using a Deep Trekker ROV for the past 5 months to do net inspections, check on mooring lines and observe fish behaviour. Take a look at our day and learn more about how you can improve your aquaculture operations with the use of a DTG2 ROV.




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  • M R Raghunath says:

    This is a cool use for the ROV. Since net /cage fouling is a major problem in cage aquaculture, have you come across instances where ROV has been used for removal of the fouling organisms. How does it compare in terms of time and effort with the regular mode of fouling removal?

    • Kiara Vallier says:

      Hello M R Raghunath, thank you for your question. Unfortunately at this time we do have any add-ons that work to remove fouling organisms. We have been working on a tool that can be used to help repair nets and our ROVs have been great for inspecting the nets and ensuring that they are not compromised. At this time, in order to actually clean the nets, units such as RONCs (Remotely Operated Net Cleaners) are still great options. If you have any more questions or inquiries please do not hesitate to reach out.

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