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For the commercial salvage diving industry, accidents happen under water. Whether these are caused by normal wear and tear on sub-surface and subsea infrastructure, or by the unintentional loss of vehicles, boats or aircraft, we rely on skilled, brave men and women to solve problems that are not easily fixed. These skilled divers put their lives on the line, and the more knowledge they have about the situations they will encounter under water, the less chance of accidents happening.

Using Deep Trekker ROVs for Commercial Salvage Diving Safety

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The more commercial or salvage divers know about the underwater environment they are about to enter, the easier it is to prepare for and mitigate the risk. The portable Deep Trekker mini ROVs are an essential tool in ensuring a higher level of diver safety. The Deep Trekker systems are the perfect situation scouting tool, allowing divers to gain a better understanding of the situation and environment before they splashdown. Our commercial-grade ROVs can stand up to tough water conditions and are a reliable partner to divers. With years of experience in the commercial diving industry, we’ve refined our underwater ROVs to perform exceptionally in any operation, whether it’s infrastructure inspection or a deep sea salvage operation. If you need an underwater ROV for commercial applications, contact us today!

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The Benefits of Deep Trekker in Commercial Salvage Diving:

  • Complete Portability with no topside generators or boxes required
  • Easy to Use. You don’t have to be a trained ROV pilot to be an expert pilot
  • Remotely operated and safe option for dangerous conditions
  • Compact size and extreme maneuverability with the patented pitching system
  • Advanced add-ons such as a grabber arm, cutter attachment, thickness gauge, sonar and more
  • Affordable robust equipment
  • Document dives on an SD card with the Deep Trekker DVR, with voice-over capabilities
  • Versatile to tackle any type of underwater salvage project
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Recommended Products

Deep Trekker ROVs are used around the world for assisting in commercial and salvage dive operations. Choose between our two proven ROV models or our pipe crawler for internal pipe inspection.

DTG2 ‘Worker’ ROV
Compact with auto-heading, auto-depth and object retrieval. Depth rated to 150 m (492 ft)

DTG2 Worker

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DTX2 with Grabber ROV
Vectored thrusters when working in higher currents or moving laterally. Depth rated to 305 m (1000 ft)

DTX2 Manipulator Package

Learn More

DT-340 ‘S’ Crawler
PTZ Camera, Robust and Battery-Operated Pipe Crawler. Depth rated to 50 m (164 ft)

DT340 S Package Contents

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Our ROVs and Pipe Crawlers have been designed specifically for your commercial operations. All of our systems are battery-powered for instant deployment and include a super-bright hand-held controller for intuitive piloting. With these systems, we have introduced a wide range of add-ons to customize each product for your specific needs. Here are some of our ROV customer’s favorites:

Side-facing Cameras

Side-facing camera inspection

Quickly change views to look at infrastructure beside you

ROV Internal 4K Camera 

4K Underwater Camera for ROV

Upgrade your camera for the best resolution for your clients

Laser Scaler

Laser Scaler

Estimate the size of rust, pits or cracks for potential repairs

Sonar Systems

Micron Sonar ROV Integration

Work in low visibility to identify targets with sonar options

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Nice and handy ROV, perfect alternative to divers when you need eyes under water. Virtually no preparation needed; just bring the case to your work site, take out the ROV, connect the remote and throw it into the water. – Miko Marine 

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