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2019 Year in Review

Rachel Doornekamp   |   November 29, 2019

As we close out our ninth year of operation, Deep Trekker is taking a moment to look back at an exceptional year full of continued growth and innovation. Read on to learn about some of our favourite moments of 2019!


With 44 tradeshows in 15 different countries, the Deep Trekker team has been busy criss-crossing their way around the world. Keep your eyes on our social media to see where you can find us and take the DTG3 for a spin in 2020!

Chile Office

In May of this year Deep Trekker made the very exciting announcement that they had opened a new company office in Puerto Montt, Los Lagos, Chile!

Deep Trekker SpA offers our complete range of submersible products, technical support, training services and customer service to the Latin American Market.

BRIDGE Platform

2019 was the year of BRIDGE Technology at Deep Trekker! The result of intuitive engineering and listening to what our customers have to say, BRIDGE is an intelligent technology platform. An operating system designed with custom hardware and software for control, integration, communication and enhanced operation, BRIDGE is truly the way forward at Deep Trekker.

Product Launches

With the innovative BRIDGE platform Deep Trekker launched two cutting edge new ROVs; the DTG3 and the Revolution.

The DTG3 is a mini observation-class underwater ROV built to provide operators with the ability to quickly deploy and visually inspect underwater environments. Intelligent and advanced, the DTG3 is an easily portable, commercial grade vehicle perfect for a wide variety of jobs.

The Revolution ROV is mission ready, with greater payload capabilities, deeper depths and advanced stabilization. The patented pending revolving head allows operators to rotate the camera, manipulators and sonar all while holding station in moving water.

Continued Operation in 10 Industries

Deep Trekker is proud to operate in 10 industries worldwide. With our innovative and versatile line of submersible ROVs and crawlers we are able to successfully work in aquaculture, infrastructure, energy, search & rescue, commercial diving, defense, maritime, municipalities, ocean science and underwater discovery.

Women in Business

The Government of Canada is advancing women’s economic empowerment with the first ever Women Entrepreneurship Strategy, a $2 billion investment that seeks to double the number of women-owned businesses by 2025. The Women’s Entrepreneurship Strategy complements the Government of Canada’s efforts to advance gender equality, which includes addressing pay equity, providing more affordable childcare and putting an end to gender-based violence. Deep Trekker and Sam Macdonald were honoured to be chosen as a recipient of the Women Entrepreneurship Fund investment.

Sam was also featured on The Fish Site as part of their esteemed Women in Aquaculture series.

Ghost Fishing

Deep Trekker has long been dedicated to the removal of ghost fishing gear. Discarded, lost or abandoned fishing gear poses a great risk to surrounding wildlife as fish and other marine animals get caught in the net, lines and traps. With the help of esteemed associates like ROVPartner, Deep Trekker has been working to get rid of ghost fishing gear and encourages others to do the same.

Canada Day Camping

This summer the DTG3 was lucky enough to go camping to celebrate Canada Day! Check out the video to see how the ROV spent the day.

Shark Week

Deep Trekker was thrilled to be a part of everyone’s favourite week of the year - shark week! The DTG3 got to dress up as a seal to help researchers learn more about how sharks hunt in deep water for Great White Kill Zone: Guadalupe.

HMS Terror

This summer Parks Canada’s Underwater Archeology Team left Cambridge Bay, Nunavut for the site of the HMS Terror. Equipped with a Deep Trekker ROV, the Parks Canada team set out to explore the wreck of the infamous ship.

Deep Trekker’s ROV was part of the first team to explore the interior spaces of the wreck. 20 cabins and compartments were explored over 7 dives, leading to incredible and enlightening discoveries about the ship.

Kelsey Starling Recovery

Deep Trekker is always honoured to help out in any way during search and recovery missions and this October was no different. Three months and one day after an incredibly tragic boat crash on July Fourth, the body of Kelsey Starling was recovered from Smith Lake, Alabama.

A huge thank you goes out to Chief Ashton Davis and his whole team Houston County Rescue for their incredible work.

Learning from Lake Sturgeon

Throughout October of this year the Wildlife Conservation Society of Canada (WCS) and Moose Cree First Nation Resource Protection put the DTG3 to work to learn more about the movement and behaviour of lake sturgeon in natural and hydroelectrically dammed rivers of the Moose Cree Homeland.

The ROV was primarily used to handle underwater tracking receivers, however it did allow researchers to check out other fish as well!

Island Dolphin Care

Deep Trekker is thrilled to have Island Dolphin Care using our ROV for dolphin research! The not-for-profit organization offers dolphin assisted therapy for children and families with special needs, as well as veterans living with PTSD.

2020 is sure to bring continued innovation, adventures and cutting edge new products. As we move forward into our tenth year, the Deep Trekker team is excited to see where 2020 will take us.

Want to learn more about what Deep Trekker can do for you? Reach out to one of our industry experts for more information.