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Providing Clean Water Technology at Ontario's Water Conference

Shannon Regan   |   April 27, 2018

Ontario Water Works Association invites Deep Trekker to attend Ontario’s Water Conference in Niagara Falls. Providing clean water technology to meet GHG emissions targets across the globe.

Clean Water Technology Solutions

Ontario’s Water Conference is the premiere drinking water event in Ontario, bringing together operators, manufacturers, academics and regulators to represent the water industry. This year, Deep Trekker will attend the show in Niagara Falls, showcasing its latest robotic systems, designed to improve the water industry.

clean water technology

With the recent release at GLOBE Forum 2018, WaterTAP’s latest report, Water: The Next Frontier on the Path to a Low Carbon Economy, notes that clean water technology is critical to meeting GHG emissions targets. Ontario’s water technology sector, including Deep Trekker’s remotely operated vehicles (ROV) is working to create new solutions across the globe and here in Canada.

WaterTAP’s report recommends a significant focus on clean water technology as a reliable, cost-effective way to lower GHG emissions and create energy savings. Water and wastewater services can consume as much as one-half of a municipality's total electricity use. The energy used results in substantial greenhouse gas emissions that can be minimized through application of clean water technology across the full spectrum of water services - from wastewater treatment to stormwater management.

Inspect with Deep Trekker ROVs

Water is of utmost importance to the continued existence of life and for that reason there are facilities in place with processes to treat and remove contaminants and other harmful bacteria. Regular maintenance and inspection of water tanks is vital to the long-term success of the treatment plant and to the quality of portable water flowing through it.

rov water solution

Deep Trekker’s ROVs allow for frequent, routine inspections at an affordable price. Its portable, compact design and onboard battery source allows operators to quickly deploy the unit without the hassle of additional equipment at the treatment facility. A rotating camera head provides detailed images for inspection diagnosis below, above, behind or in front of the ROV as it navigates throughout the water tank.

Deep Trekker provides significant value to the water industry with its fully submersible remotely operated vehicles, providing clean technology and new environmental solutions.

Join us at Ontario Water Conference

The team welcomes those attending Ontario’s Water Conference to join us at Booth 332 to hear more about how our robotic systems are improving the water industry, to meet our GHG emissions targets.

Can’t make it to Niagara Falls? Contact us today to chat.


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