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Deep Trekker's Military ROV Systems Showcase at CANSEC 2016

Kiara Vallier   |   April 26, 2016

April 22, 2016 Ayr, Ontario. Deep Trekker Inc. will be showcasing their military ROV package at CANSEC 2016 in Ottawa, Ontario on May 25 & 26, 2016. The event brings together industry experts from North America to address security and military challenges that are present in today’s world.

Deep Trekker's prime objective is to provide a robust, easy-to-operate Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to assist in reconnaissance, inspection and observation to keep military divers out of harm’s way. Live demonstrations of Deep Trekker's military underwater inspection ROV will be held at booth 426 during the trade show. Attendees are invited to stop by the booth to try their hand at piloting a Deep Trekker ROV in a 200 gallon demo tank.

Currently, most underwater inspection strategies, whether it be contraband inspections on vessel hulls, search and rescue operations, munitions response, or other general inspections, are performed using trained military divers. Military divers perform highly important tasks every time they dip into the water. Risks associated with their work can be very high and can be ameliorated with the use of a proven ROV system.

Deep Trekker offers a tool that is completely portable, easy-to-use, has a long run life and can be equipped with numerous sophisticated add-ons such as USBL positioning, grabber arms, and sonar systems.

Deep Trekker will be demonstrating both their DTG2 ROV model, meant for general inspections in hard to reach places, and the DTX2 ROV model, with 4 vectored thrusters and a depth rating of 305 meters. The DTX2 ROV is designed and engineered for jobs that take place in deeper water with stronger currents.

“When there is a security threat, every second it takes to gain understanding of the situation matters,” commented Sam Macdonald, Deep Trekker President. “Our systems provide eyes underwater in less than 30 seconds, so military teams can immediately start collecting knowledge and evidence.”

Deep Trekker ROVs are currently used by the military, police forces, navies, and search and rescue teams around the globe to take on a variety of tasks. From underwater munitions response to search and rescue operations, Deep Trekker ROVs have repeatedly proven themselves as the go-to systems for critical underwater inspection work.

Deep Trekker Inc. invites anyone interested in underwater technology to visit booth 426 at the CANSEC show for their personal demonstration and hands-on trial.

About Deep Trekker Deep Trekker Inc. was founded in 2010 with a mission to provide accessible underwater inspection tools. The company is headquartered in Ayr, Ontario Canada, with engineering and manufacturing all completed in house. Based on a clean sheet design, the premiere product, the DTG2 was introduced in limited run in August 2011. With Deep Trekker products working in 70 countries in industries including fisheries, research, nuclear power, police search and rescue, commercial diving, construction, engineering, potable water systems, and recreation, the DTG2 is proven to be easy to use, robust, and reliable.

Media Contact: Kiara Vallier Marketing Specialist 519-342-3177 x7


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