Uncovering Sunken History

“We learned a great deal about the needs of underwater archaeologists at Pearl Harbor and ways we can further push ROV technology to solve the many mysteries of maritime heritage shipwrecks overall,” commented Macdonald. “Simplicity in deployment continues to be one of our cornerstones as we push to bring new technologies to the market that will open up new worlds of discovery in the oceans.”

The USS Arizona is not the first ship that Deep Trekker has explored. The underwater ROV has spent some time off the coast of Lillesand, Norway; searching for the remains of the Rio de Janeiro, a sunken German warship.

Want to know how ROVs can assist in your next underwater search?

With the ability to have eyes in the water in seconds without the need for a generator or power supply, Deep Trekker ROVs are the perfect tool for exploration in remote locations. Minimal technical expertise is required to operate and there is no extended learning curve.

Deep Trekker ROVs have been used for various exploration missions, filming the deep azure mysteries of the sea. But, oceanographers, biologists, archaeologists and ocean conservationists are also using Deep Tekker ROVs to monitor the health of species and marine wildlife, to gain insight to underwater issues, such as ghost fishing and to understand scientific maritime archaeology around the world.

Deep Trekker underwater ROVs make exploration and discovery more accessible than ever before. Affordable systems offer professional UHD 4K video for filmmakers and even ammateur divers to explore shipwrecks and underwater archaeology without harming sites.

Are you looking to investigate internal areas of shipwrecks you can't reach? Contact Deep Trekker us today to learn how we can help.

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