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Mini-ROVs and Your Commercial Diving Company

Kiara Vallier   |   April 7, 2016

If you follow our blog, you will recognize that Deep Trekker advocates utilizing a combination of divers and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to perform underwater inspection and salvage work. We absolutely understand and acknowledge the high value of divers and the human judgement they possess underwater. However, we also recognize that for some tasks, the use of an ROV can often be more efficient and just as effective.

Today we are going to focus on how adding a mini-ROV to your commercial diving services can benefit your company in two ways in addition to the added safety factors. While the safety benefits of adding an ROV may be obvious to most, some may not have considered the economic opportunities that adding an ROV can bring.
Deep Trekker ROVs offer you the ability to undertake quick inspection services that do not require an entire dive team. You can develop a better understanding of the work that needs to be undertaken prior to bringing in your divers, and provide more accurate quotes for customers.

The expense of hiring a dive team for underwater inspection or salvage work can be prohibitively high. Additional costs can add up when taking into account that an entire team needs to be assembled to ensure the work is performed safely, oxygen needs to be purchased, and the time it takes perform a task is considered. For many jobs these costs cannot be avoided.

Adding an ROV to your company, gives you the ability to provide fast, single operator service for smaller jobs. Perhaps an aquaculture farm manager might only need a quick net inspection but is hesitant to contract your company to perform that work due to the high costs of contracting divers. By offering quick, economical ROV inspections, this becomes business you acquire because you can offer a simple inspection at a lower cost.

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Owning a Deep Trekker ROV provides you with the opportunity to inspect every site before taking on a job. This can ensure that you have the proper tools, the capabilities, and an accurate quote for the work required. Often, it is hard to tell exactly what a job will require until the divers are in the water and see firsthand what needs to happen. With a Deep Trekker ROV, you can examine the site beforehand and ensure there are no unforeseen extra tasks that may change the nature or value of the job.

At Deep Trekker we offer a number of ROV options that range from tools made for simple inspections to larger units that can be used to perform specialized tasks. All of our products are completely portable and require no external power or fuel, no generators, no additional equipment or service trucks.

With on-screen display mounted on the controller, you can present exactly what you see to your client and make suggestions, explain what needs to take place, or ask questions where needed.

Offering quick ROV inspection services ensures that you are not wasting valuable employee time sending divers into the water when they are not required. Preparing and gathering everything necessary for a dive can take ample amounts of time. Deep Trekker ROVs can be deployed in under 5 minutes and inspections are quick and easy.
The debate remains whether ROVs are good for divers or not. The answer could be that adding an ROV to your services, provides your company with the ability to reap the benefits of remote inspection/salvage methods.

If you are considering implementing the use of an ROV in conjunction with divers, many risks can be mitigated or eliminated. To learn more about the safety benefits by adding an ROV to your dive team, check out this blog from back in February.

To learn more about how Deep Trekker ROVs are used in the commercial diving industry visit our industry page here.

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