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Deep Trekker ROVs are Helping Water Contractors Do More

Shannon Regan   |   January 19, 2018

Water contractors are making use of Deep Trekker portable underwater ROVs & pipe crawlers for an affordable solution to submerged infrastructure inspections. INCLUDING - CASE Construction Equipment offering $25,000 to one municipality to go towards infrastructure in their community through the Dire State Grant.

There are a handful of industries in water and wastewater that are seeing technological advancements, innovations, and growth. The general trend among all these advancements is greater efficiency and affordability.

Water Contractors & Inspection Equipment

Deep Trekker is always looking for ways to make water contractors' inspections easier with our vehicles. The DT340 Pipe Crawler is like no other crawler on the market. With onboard batteries, the crawler can operate up to 8 hours on a 1.5 hours charge. Short “top-up” charge at break time can extend the DT340 pipe crawler use even longer. Using the hand-held controller with an integrated viewing screen, you can easily maneuver the crawler throughout pipe systems, while watching live on the super-bright screen, the view from the PTZ camera head.

deep trekker dt340 pipe crawler freewheel demo

The DT340 is also submersible up to 50m (164 ft) of water, allowing you to inspect submerged storm, sanitary or underwater pipelines with ease.

Case Study: Brantford Welcomes Deep Trekker DT340 Pipe Crawler

Infrastructure inspections are not always easy. Constructions such as bridges, dams and water systems house millions of tons of concrete within their foundations, frequently hidden deep underwater. Continued maintenance and inspections are crucial to ensuring the safety and efficiency of a community’s transportation and water systems. In the past, divers have conducted testing and repairs on submerged structures. However, this is not only dangerous but costly as well. The dive is often physically demanding on a diver; currents, turbid waters, confined spaces and contamination issues make this kind of inspection timely, dangerous and expensive.

The easily maneuvered DTG3 ROV andDTX2 ROVs can explore areas which would otherwise be unsafe for divers, and with the added sonar systems, the inspection is expanded to investigate structural integrity in places with little to no visibility. When dive teams enter the water for hands-on repair or maintenance, the DTG3 or DTX2 ROV work in tandem with divers, while surface operators observe the safety of the divers.

Talk to us about how ROVs make structural inspections safer and easier

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Dire State Grant

Deep Trekker is proud to announce, Dire States as a champion for local infrastructure. They have evolved from awareness and now into action with the Dire States Grant. They are a great example of how to show the positive effects of infrastructure development to other countries and communities.

And now they are providing communities with the tools to make this happen …

CASE Construction Equipment is offering $25,000 in equipment to one municipality to go towards the construction or repair of infrastructure in their community. Whether that be an obsolete water infrastructure that needs to be replaced or a bridge that is about to be weight-limited, the Dire States Grant will help mitigate the costs of repairs and equipment rentals.

Enter by March 31, 2018, to help improve your community.

As infrastructure continues to age, the risk of breaks, cracks, and leaks in our structures grows. It is through innovative companies such as CASE Construction Equipment and Deep Trekker that help with monitoring, repairing, and upgrading submerged systems to allow our communities to grow.

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