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Welcoming Wind Farms for Alternative Power Generation

Kiara Vallier   |   September 2, 2016

Offshore windpower- WikipediaNews of completion of the first offshore wind farm in American water was shared last week by the New York Times. Why is this important? As we learn more about fossil fuels and non-renewable energy, it becomes clear that as a global population we need to find alternative methods to power our everyday lives.

Wind power in general is not new, but the concept of offshore wind farms is a more recent endeavor for the world. Adopted by several European nations, offshore wind farms have the power to provide up to four times the amount of electricity that is generated on the American grid today from all other sources.

This new American offshore wind farm installation is built near Brock Island, R.I. It will be used to power Brock Island, with electricity also being sent to Rhode Island. While there are only five turbines, it offers a promising solution to the problem of diminishing fossil fuels.

We are particularly interested in offshore wind farms here at Deep Trekker because of the prospects it may bring for ROVs and underwater drones. As with any underwater structures, frequent maintenance and inspections are important to ensure the integrity of the operations. With ROVs, operations managers can safely inspect their turbines without risking the safety of divers.

ROV Monitoring Salvage Diver at Hydro Dam. Demonstrates how ROVs can be a great way to monitor underwater construction.

ROV Monitoring Salvage Diver at Hydro Dam. Demonstrates how ROVs can be a great way to monitor underwater construction.

ROVs may also be the perfect tool to be used during the installation and construction of offshore wind farms. Being able to monitor salvage divers as they perform underwater construction, scouting for sites that won't negatively effect the surrounding ecosystems and performing inspections of newly installed equipment are all achievable tasks with the use of an ROV.

To learn more about ROVs and offshore wind farms follow the link here.

We can’t wait to see how the operations come along for this particular wind farm. We hope that as the effects of wind farms are recognized, this alternative method of power generation is considered more and more often by coastal communities.


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