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Throughout May and June join us every Friday, for Think Tank Fridays. Our new virtual series featuring live expert panels, technical discussions and open Q&A discussions with industry leaders from around the world.

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Robotics for Safety and Efficiency in Energy Production

Join us for our first “Think Tank Friday”. Take part in an interactive discussion with energy producers, asset management teams, and robotics technology experts. Learn about the use of robotic technology in current and future operations. Gain insight into how to save time and improve safety from technology and industry experts in this live, interactive panel.

Who you'll meet

  • Tim Baugher | Vice President of Technology at Laser Abatement Services
  • Andrew Ziegwied | Scientific Sales Manager, ASV Global
  • Che Swearingen | Commercial Diving Supervisor, Ontario Power Generation
  • James Coleburn | Technical Sales Engineer, Blueprint Subsea
  • Luke Richardson | Sales and Marketing Manager, 2G Robotics
  • Andrew Lawrence | Industry Expert, Deep Trekker
  • Alexander Gold | ROV Expert, Deep Trekker
  • Cody Warner | Moderator, Deep Trekker
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Best Practices in Running a Submerged Infrastructure Inspection Company

In this week’s “Think Tank Friday” you will learn what it takes to run a successful infrastructure inspection business. Gain insight into how to perform submerged structure inspections, water tank inspections and perform robotic tank cleaning. Join us to hear front line stories from some of the best inspection leaders in the world. Learn how industry leaders created inspection service companies using ROVs and Robotics, and the critical role they play in critical municipal and maritime operations.

Who you'll meet

  • Blake Spittle | Owner, Complete Waters
  • Wayne Muzyka | Owner, Aquavision Services
  • Andrew Sutherland | Owner, Atlantic Data Acquisition Services
  • Jason Gillham | Founder and CEO, 2G Robotics
  • Tristan Walker | ROV Expert, Deep Trekker
  • Cody Warner | Moderator, Deep Trekker
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Streamlining Fish Farm Operations

How do robotics maximize fish farm operations? This “Think Tank Friday” connects you directly with fish farm operators, biologists, and industry experts allowing you to gain valuable insight directly from aquaculture insiders. Learn from their site challenges and hear how robotics solutions can help save time and money on aquaculture sites in a live, interactive panel.

Who you'll meet

  • Kana Upton | Fish Farm Biologist/Manager, Aqua-Cage Fisheries
  • Matt Zimola | Co-Founder, ReelData AI
  • Shawn Robinson | Biological Effects Section, Officer at Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Cristián Aquilera | General Manager, Deep Trekker SpA
  • Cody Warner | ROV Expert, Deep Trekker
  • Andrew Lawrence | Moderator, Deep Trekker
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Robotics in Marine Search and Recovery

Search and recovery missions are dangerous for divers and time is critical, but submersible robotics can provide valuable help. This “Think Tank Friday” brings together industry experts in sonar technology with experienced search and rescue teams to provide a complete look at search and rescue operations. Hear about rescue and recovery missions, challenges and solutions that help navigate, locate and retrieve victims or evidence in this live, interactive panel.

Who you'll meet

  • Special Agent Glenn Lang | Maine State Police
  • Chief Shane Seagroves | Director of Emergency Services, Lee County, NC
  • Scott Mclay | Sales Director, Tritech International Limited
  • Carter Sinclair | ROV expert, Deep Trekker
  • Cody Warner | Moderator, Deep Trekker
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Robotics for Effective and Efficient Vessel Inspections

Regular inspections are crucial in maintaining port safety and optimizing vessel operations. In this “Think Tank Friday” experts talk about how robotics can be used to effectively and efficiently visually inspect hulls. Connect and learn from shipyard managers to see how they are using ROVs to perform block checks during drydocking, inspect hulls and running gear, monitor ports and glean helpful information on equipment failure.

Who you'll meet

  • Petter Korslund | Sales Director, Jotun Hull Performance Solutions
  • Thomas Ottosen | Group Technical Service, Projects, Jotun Hull Performance Solutions
  • Amanda Dayton | Member Revere Marine LLC
  • Luke Richardson | Sales and Marketing Manager, 2G Robotics
  • Carter Sinclair | ROV expert, Deep Trekker
  • Cody Warner | Moderator, Deep Trekker
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Robotic Solutions for Optimizing Trenchless Operations

From sewer to storm to clean water pipe inspections, this week’s “Think Tank Friday” addresses robotic solutions for trenchless technology. Providing tools, techniques, and best practices, this panel gives you the inside scoop on optimizing your trenchless operations. Hear from maintenance operators, and software and asset management experts in this live, interactive conversation.

Who you'll meet

  • Casey Kane | National Sales Manager, Vortex Infrastructure
  • Mike Russin | General Manager, WinCan LLC.
  • Chris Macdonald | Managing Partner, Construction Product Marketing
  • Eric Sullivan | Technical Director, SewerAI
  • Gordon Henrich | Owner, Pipeline Integrity Technology Associates
  • John Zhu | P.Eng. | Transportation Asset Management Engineer Transportation & Infrastructure Planning, Transportation Services
  • Tristan Walker | Pipe Crawler Expert, Deep Trekker
  • Cody Warner | Moderator, Deep Trekker
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