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Explore the Depths during this Year's Geography Awareness Week

November 17 – 23rd is Geography Awareness Week, a week dedicated to everyone being an explorer in their own way, whether it is exploring your community or an area you've never been before. Take a moment to think outside of your comfort zone of where you could go exploring.

Geography Awareness Underwater Exploration

Everyday someone is diving, snorkeling, free diving, using their GoPro, underwater camera and remotely operated vehicle to find out what is below the water. Yes, many times it is for commercial reasons such as inspecting underwater structures, but even still sit back for a moment and realize how astronomically advanced we have become. We has humans continue to push the boundaries of exploration and continue to uncover more and more mysteries.

This year’s theme of Geography Awareness Week is: Geography and the New Age of Exploration. The title could not be fitting as exploration of our great land, air and water become more advanced. This week alone, we have posted about an ROV that has found a Mangapinna Squid and a Jellyfish Deepstaria. These discoveries sometimes can be misinterpreted to finding a Sea Monster to those unaware of these rarely seen species, but in turn this also engages the everyday person to learn more about the animals that live in our waters.

I hope that you take time this week to go somewhere you’ve never been and share your experiences with us – have you found something neat underwater that’d you like to share? We see a lot of bass in the Great Lakes region here in Southern Ontario, but even those are exponentially cooler when you’re seeing them through the eyes of a Deep Trekker.