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Vessel Inspections - How to Save Thousands of Dollars

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Save Money on Vessel Inspections

Owning and operating vessels are a major investment. Ensuring they are running at their full potential is essential to preserving its vitality. However, conducting what seems to be a simple task of inspecting the hull can be an extremely high expense to perform. Whether you are a ship owner or inspection company, you are all too familiar with the large price tag associated with hiring divers or scheduling the vessel for drydocking. If you are looking to cut the cost to perform a regular ship inspection, click here to find out how one company saved thousands of dollars for their clients towards vessel inspections. money saving vessel inspections white paper You will discover how one hull painting company is expanding on its business model to increase revenue through ship hull inspections.

Environmental Impact of Under-Performing Shipping Vessels

ship-harbor-vessel-dock-inspection According to current estimates presented by the Third IMO GHG Study 2014, international shipping emitted 796 million tonnes of CO2. Though this accounts for 2.2% of the world's total emissions, Koji Sekimizu, former Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), explains that that with the increased demand for lower shipping costs, more companies are turning to vessel transportation. In the report, emissions from the shipping industry could see an increase of up to 250% by the year 2050. This put the stress on the industry to find ways to increase the efficiency of their vessels.

Regular Inspections to Improve Vessel Performance

fouling-ship-hull Even the smallest layer of fouling on ship hulls can cut down on the vessel's performance. Conducting regular inspections to evaluate the marine growth will help prioritize when or if cleaning must be conducted. Keeping the hull clean and clear of fouling and ensuring the coating or sacrificial anodes are in good condition can save approximately 20% of fuel consumption.

When Vessel Inspections Matter

Protecting the integrity of a ship’s hull is extremely important in order to keep a vessel at its top performance. Not only for speed and fuel efficiency, a damaged hull can also be harmful to the ship, crew, cargo, and potentially negatively impact the surrounding marine life. If you are a part of the following industries, you will want to see how one company not only saves thousands of dollars on hull inspections. Including, how they help reduce the time it takes to conduct an evaluation.
  • Hull Painters
  • Ship Builders
  • Shipyards
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