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Why Deep Trekker ROVs for Underwater Discovery


Exploring the undersea world has been compared to discovery in space – no less wonderous, and every bit as exciting. As we discover more and more about our Earth, the desire to understand what we cannot see beneath the waves is greater than ever.

Deep Trekker mini ROVs make this exploration and discovery easier, and more accessible than ever. Affordable ROV systems offer professional and amateur archeaologists alike the chance to explore shipwrecks, ancient cities, and lost artifacts without leaving the deck, and with minimal impact to the sites.

Viewing the exciting marine wildlife in our lakes, rivers and oceans has never been easier than it is with the Deep Trekker mini ROVs. With the ability to have eyes in the water in less than 30 seconds with no need for a generator or power supply, the Deep Trekker ROVs can be ferried to the most remote places, even in a canoe or kayak. Access to remote areas and submerged caves offers explorers adventures they could never have imagined before.

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The Benefits of Deep Trekker in Underwater Discovery:

  • Easy to use, within a few hours anyone can be an expert pilot
  • Launch from even the most remote areas with no topside power required
  • Compact carrying case for simple storage on your boat
  • Discover and learn about the underwater ecosystem without diving
  • Video out on all controllers to instantly display dive on a larger monitor
  • Affordable packages so everyone can discover the underwater world
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Experiential Exhibits

Wildlife Monitoring

Shipwreck Exploration



Case Studies

"We have utilized the ROV for a variety of functions, such as checking on our anchoring system and conducting underwater inspections that are usually costly and difficult for divers to perform. The ROV has enabled us to reduce the costs associated with divers and has aided us in ensuring that our innovative technology is functioning as designed."

- Alexia Helgason

Corporate Communications and Marketing at AgriMarine Holdings

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The ocean is yours to discover, experience it first hand with an easy to use ‘underwater drone’.


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