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Why Deep Trekker for Underwater Discovery

Exploring the undersea world has been compared to discovery in space – no less wondrous, and every bit as exciting. As we discover more and more about our Earth, the desire to understand what we cannot see beneath the waves is greater than ever.

But, as with space exploration, underwater discovery poses many challenges and dangers. Many of these discovery expeditions now make use of specially designed underwater exploration ROVs (remotely operated vehicle) equipped with HD cameras to mitigate the risks.

Deep Trekker Undersea Exploration ROVs

Deep Trekker, Inc. mini ROVs, also known as underwater drones make this exploration and discovery easier, and more accessible than ever. Affordable ROV systems offer professional and amateur archaeologists alike the chance to explore shipwrecks, ancient cities, and lost artifacts without leaving the deck, and with minimal impact to the sites.

Deep Trekker mini ROVs feature a spherical shape that enables them to fit into tight spots that are often inaccessible to divers. This can also prevent the need to send divers into potentially dangerous situations.

Portable Undersea Discovery ROVs That Can Go Just About Anywhere

Viewing the exciting marine wildlife in our lakes, rivers and oceans has never been easier than it is with the Deep Trekker mini ROVs. With the ability to have eyes in the water in less than 30 seconds with no need for a generator or power supply, the Deep Trekker ROVs can be ferried to the most remote places, even in a canoe or kayak. Access to remote areas and submerged caves offers explorers adventures they could never have imagined before.

Deep Trekker underwater drones are also easy to use. The handheld controller allows the user to effortlessly maneuver the ROV through the water. No technical expertise is required to operate the controller, and there is no extended learning curve. New users can become experts in a matter of hours.

Examples of Using ROVs for Underwater Exploration

Deep Trekker DTG2 and DTX2 ROVs have been used on a wide range of underwater discovery and research expeditions. Oceanographers have used them to gain new insight into the trash problem that has become a major issue in our oceans. Marine biologists routinely use ROVs to monitor the health of many species of marine wildlife. And whenever you hear about “hidden treasure” being discovered at a shipwreck site, there’s a good chance an ROV played a prominent role in exploring the wreckage.

Using an ROV for Scuba Diving

While Deep Trekker mini ROVs are typically deployed from above the surface, scuba divers can use them while they’re in the water. Deep Trekker offers an optional Diveable Control System that allows the diver to control and direct the ROV.

Divers can send the unit ahead to explore underwater caves or sunken ships and receive clear HD images via a handheld controller. This helps to make underwater discovery more productive — and safe — for the diver.

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The Benefits of Deep Trekker in Underwater Discovery:

  • Easy to use, within a few hours anyone can be an expert pilot
  • Launch from even the most remote areas with no topside power required
  • Compact carrying case for simple storage on your boat
  • Discover and learn about the underwater ecosystem without diving
  • Video out on all controllers to instantly display dive on a larger monitor
  • Affordable packages so everyone can discover the underwater world
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Case Studies

We use this ROV extensively doing pipeline surveys, and for water tower inspections. the maneuverability and portability are huge pluses. and the video quality is better than that on our larger (and much more expensive) unit. overall, an excellent piece of kit.

- Dave Fraser

Owner/Operator at Sunset Diving

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