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2017 Underwater Robots Review and Adventures

Brendan Cook   |   December 22, 2017

Taking a look back at Deep Trekker's 2017 underwater robots, adventures, and innovations. From the Avro Arrow to releasing 4K camera capabilities.

2017 Underwater Robots & Deep Trekker Adventures

2017 Underwater Robots and Deep Trekker Adventures

Marked by exceptional growth and record-breaking sales, 2017 was nothing short of a phenomenal year for Deep Trekker. Visiting 10 countries, on 6 continents to attend more than 40 shows across the globe, the Deep Trekker team traveled far and wide to bring our remotely operated vehicles (ROV's) to the world. Too many firsts, opportunities and successes to list them all, we did, however, want to take the opportunity to highlight some of our favorites before 2017 comes to a close.

Launch of the DT640 Magnetic Crawler

dt640 utility crawler deep trekker

Exhibiting has always been exciting for Deep Trekker, we love to show off the ease of use and adaptability of our rugged robots - this year Deep Trekker launched the DT640 Magnetic Crawler at Nor-Shipping. Norway is home to one of the largest international shipping shows on the globe, making it the ideal location to introduce the Magnetic Crawler to the ROV world. Built with magnetic wheels, the MagCrawler can be adapted to do a multitude of tasks including hull inspection, integrity testing, and power washing. By replacing the magnetic wheels with rubber wheels the same ROV can be utilized to clean tanks.

Sonar Integration

deep trekker underwater drone shipwreck hunting rov sonar

2017 saw Deep Trekker integrate the use of two multi-beam sonars to both the DTG2 and the DT640 Mag Crawler. Creating the ability to perform side-scanning as well as search in low visibility, the sonars have allowed for these multipurpose ROV to further diversify.

4K Camera

4k underwater camera 2017 underwater robots

Being able to film underwater in crystal clear, cinema quality 4K video was an amazing feature added to the DTG2 and DTX2 in 2017. The upgrade from an HD 1080 means pristine video coverage, and the ability to see in greater detail during inspections, while searching shipwrecks, or filming the underside of a ship in search of contraband.

NASTT's - Leader in Innovation Award

pipe crawler innovation award

The North American Society for Trenchless Technology presented Deep Trekker with the award for "Leader in Innovation" at this year's No Digg Show in D.C. It was a great honor to have the DT340 Utility Crawler marked as an industry leader, and the hard work of our team of engineers recognized by such a prestigious association.

The Raising of the Avro Arrow

sonar of avro arrow

Definitely, one of the most exciting opportunities this year participating in the search for the Avro Arrow. A conspiracy-filled, mysterious piece of Canadian history, the Arrow has remained elusive for years. This past summer, the Deep Trekker team was able to showcase the superior abilities of the DTG2 with it's newly integrated sonar system in the search for the Arrow. Being able to be a part of Canadian history was exciting enough, but when the team started to get direct hits and video of actual pieces of the Arrow, it became the experience of a lifetime.

Clipperton Expedition on Shark Week

deep trekker underwater drone sharks

There isn't a single ocean lover who doesn't look forward to the Discovery Channels "Shark Week" every year. The Deep Trekker team is no different. Imagine the excitement when the Clipperton Expedition invited Deep Trekker to participate with the use of their DTG2 ROV. Working with volunteers to tag black fin sharks, observe migration and catalog different species of fish, watching the DTG2 in action on Shark Week was a dream come true.

New Customers and Partners

Probably the best way to gauge how successful Deep Trekker was in 2017 Underwater Robotics is to look at the number of new customers that have joined the family and the plethora of new partnerships made across the globe. The Royal Canadian Navy recently purchased 12 of Deep Trekker's ROV for their Explosive Ordinates Detection Team, and we are excited to participate in testing in the early new year for these units. Vortex, a trenchless technology leader in the United States, recently onboarded as a dealer for the DT340 Utility Crawler. Their knowledge base and industry expertise will be an enormous asset to the Deep Trekker product line and we look forward to working and exhibiting with them in 2018.

The milestones of 2017 underwater robots have been enormous. It is hard to believe that just eight short years ago Deep Trekker was a three-man unit working out of a basement with the dream of bringing diverse, innovative and easy-to-use robots to the underwater world. Now, heading into 2018, we are a full-fledged team of dedicated, hardworking and brilliant employees, dealers who through partnership strengthen our industry knowledge and make our Deep Trekker brand visible on the global stage, and of course our customers, who without we would never have achieved all that we have. Thank you very much, Happy Holiday, and the best of wishes for a safe, productive and profitable 2018!


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