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Electric Power! ROV for Power Generation

Shannon Regan   |   March 20, 2018

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) are being used for offshore and onshore inspections that surround energy production. Deep Trekker is showcasing their underwater robots at the Electric Power Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

aging infrastructure-underwater drone bridge inspection

ROV Capabilities for Electric Power and Energy

As the population grows, the need for efficient production and delivery of energy has been a huge government focus over the past few years, and Deep Trekker is meeting the needs of electric power and energy production with its fully submersible, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Much of new energy developments - offshore wind, solar, oil and gas, nuclear, hydroelectricity - involve underwater infrastructure. The Deep Trekker team is attending the 20th Electric Power Conference in Nashville from March 20th to 21st to present its robotic solutions to ensure safety, efficiency and to lessen environmental impact on periodic monitoring below the surface.

Easy to Use Technology

deep trekker rov controller underwater drone searches avro arrow Inspecting hydroelectric dams can be a difficult and expensive operation. Water flow at the dam must be shut down or slowed significantly to allow access to divers, who are often forced to work in dark overhead, debris-filled environments, making it a particularly hazardous job. Deep Trekker ROV systems offer an alternative to sending divers underwater to complete emergency or routine inspection work. With onboard batteries, operation is made simple, without having to carry around a generator or find a power supply near the inspection area. Deep Trekker ROVs offer peace of mind by acting as an extra set of eyes in the water for safety, security, and guidance.
"We’ve developed a fully submersible ROV that not only offers a higher level of precision for inspections, but it helps to eliminate the cost and dangers of hiring a diver to conduct similar work”, says Sam Macdonald, President, Deep Trekker. “It’s an ideal robotic system for today’s power production and generation needs."

Instant Deployment and Inspection

dtx2 underwater rov electric power dam inspection

Deep Trekker underwater robots are trusted by customers worldwide

Complete with heading and depth sensors, the DTG2 ROV is depth rated to 500 ft (150 meters) for working in high currents. The DT340 Pipe Crawler is fully submersible and equipped with a pan/tilt/zoom camera to inspect hard to reach areas and the magnetic three-wheeled DT640 Mag Utility Crawler can be used to inspect ferrous structures such as penstocks. All of these systems offer instant deployment and include a super bright handheld controller for intuitive piloting. Deep Trekker welcomes those attending Electric Power!, to join the team at Booth 618 for a live demonstration of our vast line of products and to hear more about how our robotic systems are being used for energy development and operation.

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