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Marine Research ROV - Best Underwater Drone

Shannon Regan   |   January 12, 2018

Deep Trekker Marine Research ROV package provides an affordable underwater monitoring and sampling tool for biologists and industry professionals.

Deep Trekker offers underwater inspection tools for various industries, including aquaculture, infrastructure, environmental and marine research. They help in underwater sampling, species monitoring, and biodiversity research by acting as a second set of eyes in the depths of our great oceans, lakes, and rivers.

In particular, Deep Trekker has provided immense value to the research industry, for marine biologists, ecosystem conservationists and aquatic specialists around the world.

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“We have found spiny lobsters, angel sharks, and a multitude of other critters while exploring our harbor with the ROV,” explains Leslie Kretschmar, Director of the At Sea Program at the Ocean Institute, “We are thrilled that we were able to purchase a Deep Trekker ROV.”
The Deep Trekker DTG2 Worker allows researchers and scientists visibility underwater to help record and gather research - the Grabber Arm is an essential component for ROV movement and sampling. Although research differs from industry to industry, our Marine Research ROV package will help you in deciding which add-ons are most beneficial for your industry-specific research.

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The Best Marine Research ROV Package

marine research rov deep trekker worker underwater drone

Deep Trekker DTG2 Worker Package

The DTG2 Worker Package provides the greatest depth rating of the DTG2 models, equipped with the two-function grabber arm. The Worker Package comes with auto heading and depth functions, as well as temperature, depth, pitch and heading display. This ROV is highly recommended for underwater research and marine diversity - the sensor package displays important information and the two-function grabber arm provides extra support for extensive research.

Auxiliary Lights

marine research rov deep trekker worker underwater drone lights on

If you’re investigating the darkest and murkiest waters, Deep Trekker offers external LED lighting in addition to the internal LED flood light that tracks with the camera. The auxiliary lights help to improve visibility in dark areas and are highly valuable for research expeditions.

Laser Scaler

The Laser Scaler ROV attachment is used to help gauge the size of sediment or any object that sits on the ocean floor. It sends out two laser beams, 25mm apart, from above the camera.

Sediment Sampler and Water Sampler

The Sediment Sampler helps to pick up samples of sediment that remain on the seafloor, that would otherwise be unattainable for research. The Water Sampler allows you to retrieve samples of water for research and tests in oceans, lakes and rivers. For use of the sediment and/or water sampler, you must also have the grabber arm or DTG2 Worker model.

Internal 4K Ultra HD Camera

Underwater filmmaking has never been easier with our 270 degree rotating 4K camera. Its stabilized recording provides unmatched resolution and quality for underwater marine research and monitoring. Any Deep Trekker ROV can be purchased with the upgraded camera option. Order yours today!

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

The HD DVR allows you to record underwater, in places that would otherwise be hard to see or impossible to reach. The DVR is ideal for video documentation and marine research.

Whatever your next underwater research project may entail, make sure you get your hands on the ultimate marine research ROV package.

To find out more about how Deep Trekker can help you in your industry-specific research, visit or contact us.

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