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Military Underwater Drone Package: ROV for Aquatic Missions

Brendan Cook   |   May 12, 2017

Deep Trekker™ military underwater drone tackling an assortment of aquatic tasks - such as hull inspections, search & recovery, EOD, and inspection.

Deep Trekker™ Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) are completely customizable to achieve a multitude of underwater operations. Its portable and rugged design make it the ideal solution for military and navy dive teams. The DTG3 underwater drone fits conveniently into one carrying case and since it runs off of rechargeable, internal batteries, the ROV can be deployed in the most remote locations.

DTG3 Military Underwater DroneThe Deep Trekker™ DTG3 Worker proves to be the exemplary system for military and navy underwater applications. To see its immediate benefits, you don't have to look too hard; aside from the obvious feature in the two-function grabber arm, the ROV is packed with advanced sensors for navigation and environmental measurements.

Recently, Deep Trekker™ was invited out to the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to set the standards in which emergency response and military underwater drones are evaluated. Here is where the Deep Trekker™ grabber arm was put to the test.

Watch the video of the underwater drone in action at NIST >

To compliment this underwater observation equipment, the Deep Trekker™ ROVs can be outfitted with an abundance add-ons which enhances its ability to accomplish aquatic missions.

Military Underwater Drone and Attachments


DTG3-worker Package

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military underwater drone deep trekker

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Clear Eyes Below the Water

When diving into dangerous areas, it's important to have a clear picture of what is happening underneath the surface. Equip the military underwater drone with the proper camera and lighting gear to provide clarity to the unknown waters below.

Internal 4K Camera Deep Trekker ROVs have the option of recording in the highest quality possible. With onboard 4K or HD video recording capabilities, visually capture findings for immediate action or for later review. Learn More >

Auxiliary Lighting Every Deep Trekker ROV comes standard with an internal LED light providing 300 lumens. However, if the situation calls for it, two external LED lights mount to the outside of the ROV giving a combination of 1200 lumens to brighten dark waters. Learn More >

External Flood Lights Dual LED External Flood Lights In circumstances where lighting must be farther away from the camera's position, external flood lights attach to the exterior of the ROV giving a total of 6000 lumens. In total, if all lights are on, the ROV can emit 7200 lumens. Learn More >

Sonar Integration

In situations where visibility is too low for just an underwater camera and light, Deep Trekker Remotely Operated Vehicles integrate seamlessly with underwater sonar systems. Providing a distinct image for target identification or obstacle avoidance. More on ROV sonar integration >

Gemini 720ik Multibeam Imaging Sonar Gemini Multibeam Integrated to DTX2 ROV The Gemini 720ik sonar mounts to the DTX2 Remotely Operated Vehicle. This sonar device emits 512 beams 30 times a second which provides real-time, high-frequency imagery Learn More >

TriTech Micron Sonar Micron Sonar Integration to ROV The TriTech Micron Sonar sends a single-beam transmission for obstacle avoidance and target recognition in low-visibility situations. Learn More >

MicronNav USBL military underwater drone micronnav-usbl-sonar The MicronNav is a positioning system that allows operators to accurately identify the underwater drone's location below the water. Learn More >

Hull Inspections

Conduct quick inspections of the vessel hull when in port or out at sea to monitor the ship's integrity. Military personnel are able to carry out a prompt security perimeter check without putting divers in the water. More on hull inspections >

Thickness Gauge cygnus-rov-thickness-gauge If you need to see deeper into the hull to evaluate its integrity, the Cygnus ROV Thickness Gauge will is able to identify the thickness of the hull and to determine the level of corrosion. Learn More >

Crawler Wheels rov-crawler-Wheels The Crawler Wheels offer much smoother tracking across the vessel hull during inspections. The wheels are moutable to the top and/or bottom of the DTG2 ROV - depending on your preference. Learn More >

Diver Safety

If sending divers below the water is your only option, ensuring their safety is the utmost importance. The ROV is capable of monitoring the divers from the surface or divers can operate them from below. More about monitoring diver safety >

Diveable Control System diveable-controller-underwater-drone-divers Deep Trekker is the only company that provides an underwater controller for special forces to use and be able to swim with the ROV they are operating. The controller allows forces to clear an obstacle or corner before swimming to it or around it. It allows them to operate safely and efficiently to complete their missions. Learn More >

Bomb and Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

Upon identifying underwater munitions or explosives, putting a diver in the water to observe and identify is literally a suicide mission. The concussive effects of an explosion would be lethal to anyone in the water. Using a military underwater drone to identify the and detonate a target is the most effective way to accomplish this. Learn More >

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